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ACA state chapter defines mission.

When Dorothy meets the Wizard of Oz in the 1939 film, she comes face to face with a large, frightening, fire-breathing idol surrounded by smoke on all sides. At first terrified by Oz's larger-than-life appearance, she is amused when she later discovers that "Oz the Great and Terrible" is no more than a balding little man hiding behind a curtain and shouting through a microphone.

Oz may have been the first master of public relations and marketing. He knew that, when attempting to reach all the people in his kingdom, image would be an important way to leave an impression.

Carole Kinder and the Indiana Correctional Association (ICA) feel the same way. Like many correctional associations, ICA manages to operate with a volunteer staff and a president who holds down a full-time job at the same time. Since Kinder began her term as president in October 1995, ICA has been looking for a wizard to market membership and promote the organization.

Kinder and the board of directors recently hired Stephen Ingram to fill this role. As ICA's first executive director, Ingram will recruit members, assist committee chairs in coordinating convention exhibits, and figure out how ICA can deliver better services to its members. And, he'll serve as a familiar face to associate with ICA.

"We're at this crest where we need someone out there promoting us," Kinder says. "Stephen has expertise in marketing. And, we were looking for a tangible figurehead, which is what an executive director becomes. I have a full-time job, so I can't make visits to our affiliates the way the executive director of an organization can."

Ingram, who's only been executive director since May 1, says he's still getting his bearings in his new position. He plans to promote the value of ICA membership as soon as he gets a feel for what the membership needs.

"The ability to network seems to be important to our members," he says. "And, I think there's a social value to membership that gets overlooked a lot. I intend to go out and ask members about their professional needs. That's where the focus should be."

In the future, ICA also hopes to better articulate its objectives and purposes. Up until this point, Kinder says ICA didn't have an official mission statement. She hopes to have one in place soon, and she expects this will help the association realize its goals.

"After we have our mission statement, we'll be able to work on a vision," she says. "I see ICA as an umbrella organization. All of us in the field of corrections aren't in competition. There's room for everyone, and ICA is the place where we all should network."

Vital Statistics

* Founded: 1933

* Objectives: To promote awareness, dialogue and cooperation within the criminal justice system and to provide members with training, public education and an avenue for input into the legislation process concerning criminal justice (adapted from ICA's Objectives, as stated in their Constitution).

* Leadership: president; 20 elected executive board members; 22 appointed committee chairs; part-time executive director, hired by the president and the board

* Membership: approximately 700

* Publications: ICA Comment, a quarterly newsletter, ICA Journal, issued at every conference

* Conferences: One annual statewide ICA conference is held every October. This year's conference, "An Umbrella of Excellence," will be held in Indianapolis, Oct. 9, 10 and 11.

* For more information: Carole Kinder, Courthouse Annex, 65 N. Jefferson St., Martinsville, IN 46151; (317) 342-1082
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Title Annotation:Annual Security Issue and Buyer's Guide July 1996; American Correctional Association's Indiana Correctional Association
Author:Dallao, Mary
Publication:Corrections Today
Date:Jul 1, 1996
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