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ACA and SYSCO Revise Agreement.

ACA and SYSCO have revised their partnership. SYSCO found it impossible to guarantee consistency in the implementation of the discount program due to a mandated administration fee at the distributor level. An administrative fee was added on by the distributor and was returned to ACA as a rebate for food purchases; a portion of this rebate was then distributed back to each participating section. The program is still in effect. In many cases the discounts have been greater than the administrative fee. In other cases, the value of the program discounts have been questioned by the camps. It is expected that SYSCO will continue to offer the best discounts available whether a camp is in the program or not. However, those discounts and your decision to work with SYSCO are best negotiated at the camp level.

In addition to camp-negotiated discounts, ACA and SYSCO have agreed to increase their efforts on an educational strategy. SYSCO will work with ACA to offer food service workshops at ACA national and regional conferences on topics such as menu planning, special diets, special menus, and food preparation tips. Sections are encouraged to invite SYSCO to present workshops at their training events.

ACA Extends Thanks

ACA extends its gratitude to Irwin Simon Photographers for sponsoring the Michael Eisner video that was distributed to ACA camps in May with the Power Packet 2001.
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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