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ACA Presents National Awards.

At the ACA National Conference in Albuquerque, ACA recognized several individuals and programs for their contributions to the camp movement, their efforts to promote the camp experience, their service to others, and their dedication to excellence.

Distinguished Service Award

Donald S. Cheley was honored with the 2000 Distinguished Service Award, the highest honor afforded to members by the American Camping Association.

Don was born into a camping family. His grandfather, Frank H. Cheley, founded Cheley Colorado Camps in 1921, and Don became executive director in 1983.

Since joining the American Camping Association in 1968, Don has held many roles at both the section and national level. He has served the ACA Rocky Mountain Section as nominating chair, vice president, president, and awards chair. He was elected to the ACA National Board of Directors in 1982. From 1996-1999, he served as ACA national president and was instrumental in leading the association to where it is today.

National Honor Award

The National Honor Award, which recognizes meritorious service in the part of ACA members, was awarded to Bari Dworken, Ed.D.

Bari is committed to continuing education for camp professionals. She has served on the National Education Committee, as dean and faculty of the Camp Directors Institute, and currently is a member-at-large on the ACA National Board of Directors. Bari has also served the ACA New England Section as president, member and chair of the ACA/NES education committee, standards visitor, OLS trainer, and workshop presenter.

Hedley S. Dimock Award

Milton L. Goldberg was honored with the Hedley S. Dimock Award, which is given to a person who contributes to the camp field through related fields, such as outdoor education, conservation, recreation, medicine, education, architecture, and the social sciences.

Milton was honored for his work in creating the Los Angeles Times Summer Camp Fund. As executive director of the Jewish Big Brothers Association of Los Angeles, he saw many children who would have benefited from a camp experience but could not afford one. He spearheaded a research project to demonstrate his case. As a result, the Los Angeles Times donated $10,000 for a pilot campership project and the United Way matched the amount. Forty-five years later, the Los Angeles Times Summer Camp Fund is still going strong; having raised $21 million over the years and served more than 300,000 children.

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is given to honor groups, organizations, and individuals for their efforts to promote camp. This year, five individuals and groups were recognized for their contributions.

Pastor Duane E. Hanson

Pastor Duane E. Hanson was honored for his leadership in promoting camping. Pastor Hanson is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). He encouraged all ELCA camps to become active in their local ACA sections and to become accredited by ACA. He was also instrumental in creating a new format for the Mid-states Camping Conference. Thanks to his vision the conference will have a youth development focus with speakers on children and family issues followed by in-depth discussion sessions.

George Shafer

George Shafer was the guiding force behind the amalgamation of three Pennsylvania sections into one new section, the ACA Keystone Regional Section. George spent countless hours getting to know individuals from the three former sections and bringing them together in meeting and projects, leading, eventually, to the new section. George has also served his section as president, standards instructor and visitor, and Tri-state Camping Conference liaison.

William (Bill) P. Tighe

Bill Tighe has been instrumental in developing camping for people with disabilities in northern Ohio. He founded the Greater Cleveland Camping Alliance, a group of fifteen-plus camps in northern Ohio that has-raised more than $10 million in camperships in the last twenty years. He has been a member of ACA for forty years and during that time has been actively involved in promoting quality camping for all people; regardless of religion, race, or culture.

International Staff Recruiting Agencies

The International Counselor Exchange Programs -- BUNACAMP, Camp America, Camp Counselors USA, Inter Exchange/Camp USA, and International Camp Counselor Program -- have served and supported the work of ACA, the camp movement, and individual camps for decades. Their promotion of the camp experience abroad has spread the word about camp around the world and opened camp and travel doors to thousands of young people worldwide.

International Camping Fellowship

The International Camping Fellowship, which began in 1987 and has included representatives from the USA, South America, Japan, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Canada, promotes better camping for all people worldwide, attempting to bring the current one-world approach in business, finance, and the arts to the field of organized camping.

National Service Award

The National Service Award is given to recognize continued and increasing service beyond the section level. It is awarded to ACA members who have already received a section award and continue to give service to at least three sections or districts. This year's awards were presented to Jay Jacobs and Douglas W. Pierce for their work with the SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Provide an Edge) program, an initiative of the ACA New York Section through which hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised each year to provide camperships to underprivileged children.

Jay Jacobs

Jay Jacobs is an innovative leader in the camp community. He founded the SCOPE program and over the last seven years his leadership has enabled thousands of inner-city children to attend camp. He has also helped to support dozens of nonprofit camps in the ACA New York, New Jersey, and Keystone Regional Sections. Jay also serves on the ACA New York Section board of directors, has been chairman of the legislative and budget committees, and has served as chairman of the Tri-state Camping Conference.

Douglas W. Pierce

With lay Jacobs, Doug Pierce's tireless work in support of the SCOPE program has enabled thousands of children to attend camp and has raised more than $1.2 million to support the efforts of nonprofit camps in the ACA New York, New Jersey, and Keystone Regional Sections. Doug serves on the ACA New York Section board of directors and has served as section president, membership chair, public relations chair, and as a member of the Tri-state Camping Conference hospitality committee.

Eleanor P. Eells Award for Program Excellence

Eleanor P. Eells was a leader and an inspiration throughout her life. The awards for program excellence are designed to:

* motivate staff to develop effective, creative responses to the needs of people through camp.

* encourage the development of creative responses to societal problems through camp.

* stimulate the exchange of creative ideas with others.

* promote, in and out of camping, the positive contribution camp makes to the well-being of individuals and society.

* give recognition and honor to those whose programs exemplify these objects.

Six programs were recognized this year:

* Break-Aways: Partnerships for Year-round Learning, ACA New York Section

* Camping for children with heart disease, Camp DelCorazon

* Program to send battered and neglected children to camp and involve youth-at-risk with therapeutic camp programs, Chicago Camping Committee

* The mentor program at Trail Blazers, Trail Blazers

* Shelly Ridge Day Camp, Girl Scouts of Southeastern Pennsylvania

* Youth session, Camp Mark Seven

J. Wendell Howe Golden Quill and Lens Awards

The Golden Quill and Lens Awards offer camp professionals an opportunity to share their writing and photography talents with their peers and to promote the camp profession. The winners of this year's awards can be found on pages 40-41 in this issue of Camping Magazine.
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