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ACA Awards.

In conjunction with the American Coatings Show and Conference. the ACA Awards Reception & Dinner was held on April 7. ACA president Andy Doyle commented on the importance of the occasion and welcomed guests, including international dignitaries, past chairmen, and 50-Year Club members.

ACA chairman of the board Frank Sullivan joined Doyle in honoring a number of individuals who have contributed to the success of ACA and the industry.

Industry Excellence Awards

In recognition of their many years of service to the industry, Madelyn Harding and Dr. Mark Nichols were presented with Industry Excellence Awards. Harding, retired director of regulatory affairs for The Sherwin-Williams Company, was actively involved for many years on various ACA Issue Management Committees, including the Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) VOC, Industrial Coatings Air Regulatory, and Product Stewardship Committees, and has been an industry advocacy leader in these areas for well over two decades. In particular, her assistance with difficult regulatory negotiations with California's South Coast Air Quality Management District helped ACA and the industry mitigate the burden of many of the district's proposed rules.

Nichols is technical leader and head of the Paint Research Group for Ford Motor Company's Materials Research and Advanced Engineering Department. Since 2010, he has served as editor-in-chief of ACA's Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (JCTR), and under his leadership the high quality of the technical journal has been unquestionable. Among his many contributions are serving as a technical editor and member of JCTR's editorial review board, a co-author of ACA's Mechanical Properties of Coatings and a member of the advisory board of Coatings Tech. In addition, Nichols has chaired organizing committees for ACA's Advancements in Coatings Series programs.

Industry Achievement Awards

An Industry Achievement Award, given in recognition of a specific contribution to the industry, was awarded to Karl Altergott, president of Dunn-Edwards Corporation. He has served as a member and chair of the PaintCare[R] board of directors from 2012 to 2014. As chair, he guided implementation of the program in California. Throughout this immense undertaking, Altergott not only served as a leader for paint manufacturers, but also as an example to retailers by volunteering all Dunn-Edwards paint stores in the state as program collection sites.

ACA's PaintPAC Steering Committee members--Steve Dearborn, Miller Paint Company Inc.; Steve DeVoe, Kelly-Moore Paint Co. Inc.; Chuck Bennett, Randolph Products Company; Tom White, United Gilsonite Laboratories; Sandy Berg, Ellis Paint Company: Laurel Jamison, Rudd Company, Inc.: Myron Petruch, Sun Chemical Corporation; Chris Farrell, DSM Coatings Resins; and Kerry Mattox, Egyptian Coatings--were also acknowledged as Industry Achievers. With the development of PaintCare, PaintPAC's Steering Committee worked diligently with ACA's state paint councils and local lobbyists in all of the states where PaintCare legislation has been introduced. Moreover. PaintPAC's Steering Committee has been instrumental in making its annual silent auction--its primary fundraising event--a success by contributing auction items and encouraging support from the industry. Without a robust silent auction driven by the PaintPAC Steering Committee, and the proceeds gained from this event. PaintPAC would not be able to maintain its valuable political relationships.

Industry Statesmen

Also honored during the dinner were Industry Statesmen--individuals who have devoted many years of service to the industry. These honors were given to Gene Brickhouse, general manager for True Value Manufacturing Company; Bill Mansfield, retired CEO and chairman of the board of The Valspar Corporation; George R. Pilcher, vice president of The ChemQuest Group, Inc.; and Frederick Quinn, founder, CEO. and chairman of Quest Specialty Chemicals.

Gene Brickhouse has been an active ACA member for a decade, during which he has served on the Architectural Coatings Committee, serving as chair from 2011 to 2012; ACA board of directors and its Budget & Finance Committee; and PaintCare board of directors since 2013. In that time, Brickhouse provided guidance, direction, and initiative for ACA in order to maximize the position of the architectural coatings portion of the paint industry. He demonstrated this in particular by serving as one of the lead manufacturers to volunteer retail locations for collection sites in states with PaintCare operations.

Bill Mansfield lent his leadership to the association as chairman of the board from 2011 to 2012. Serving as a member of the board from 2008 to 2013, he was vice chairman from 2009 to 2011 and served as a member of the Budget and Finance Committee from 2012 to 2013. Mansfield also served on ACA's Industrial Coatings Committee.

George R. Pilcher imparted his expertise and guidance to ACA's scientific and business management publications and committees for many years. Pilcher served as the principal author of the association's last two iterations of the U.S. Paint and Coatings Industry Market Analysis under ACA's Management Information Committee stewardship. He is a member of the JCTR editorial board and the advisory board for CoatingsTech, for which he has contributed original articles. Pilcher served on the FSCT board of directors, chaired the Roon and Mattiello Award Committees, and presented the Mattiello Lecture during the FSCT Annual Meeting in 2004. He was presented with FSCT's George Baugh Heckel Award in 1996. He also chaired FSCT's Professional Development Committee and served as president of the Coatings Industry Education Foundation (CIEF) from 1989 to 1995.

Frederick Quinn has served on ACA's board of directors and Industrial Coatings Committee since 2008. He also served on the Budget & Finance Committee from 2012 to 2013. In his service to the association, Quinn helped shape discussion on contributions to potential PaintPAC candidates and helped lead an executive-level task force on CIEF. Quinn has 39 years of specialty chemical industry experience. Prior to starting and leading Quest Specialty Chemicals, he served as CEO at Royal Adhesives and was a division president at Sovereign Specialty Chemicals.

George Baugh Heckel Award

A highlight of the dinner was the presentation of the organization's highest honor--the George Baugh Heckel Award--to Drew Vogel. President and CEO of Vogel Paint. Inc., Vogel is a member of ACA's and PaintCare's board of directors and the Industrial Coatings Committee. He was recognized for his industry leadership efforts for over a generation, including spearheading a consolidated and successful response to some of the initial major Superfund cases. With his background from a multi-generation family-owned enterprise, Vogel has given invaluable insights to ACA staff on the regulations that matter most and that affect the organization's small- and medium-sized members. His willingness to provide input and collaborate for the common welfare of the industry at large has been inspirational.

As a member of the original Steering Committee and PaintCare's original board of directors, Vogel was instrumental in developing ACA's paint product stewardship program. from its initial incorporation to the development and implementation of the pilot program in Oregon. Vogel worked tirelessly to see passage of the legislation that would bring the program to Minnesota in 2009-2010, at which time it was vetoed by the governor. His efforts persevered, and legislation was passed and enacted in 2013, making Minnesota the fifth state to adopt PaintCare.

Vogel began his career with Diamond Vogel Paints (now Vogel Paint. Inc.) in 1973. He served in various positions with his family's company in Des Moines, Omaha, Minneapolis. and Denver.

Vogel serves on the board of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, and the NOVA Paint Club, an association of international paint companies. For most of the past 25 years he served on the board of Northwestern College of Orange City, part of which time he spent as board chair. He is also active on the board of the Luke Society, an international medical ministry, and ATLAS. a local ministry of support.

Introduction of Officers

A memorable close to the evening came with the introduction of the incoming officers of the ACA board of directors and the association's recognition of outgoing chairman Frank Sullivan. President Doyle announced that the association's board has named Sandra Berg to serve as chairman for a two-year tenure. This marks the first time that a woman has served in this capacity for the 126-year-old organization. In addition, Gary E. Hendrickson, chairman and CEO of The Valspar Corporation, will serve as vice chairman and treasurer.

As one of her first official acts, Berg joined Doyle in honoring outgoing chairman Frank Sullivan with a plaque of appreciation. Sullivan was thanked for his dedication and service on behalf of the organization. in particular over the past two years. Assisting in the presentation was Sullivan's father, Thomas, also a former chairman of the ACA board.

Why would you attend, or enable one or more of your colleagues to attend, an American Coatings Show and Conference or to register for any other educational forum dealing with paint- and coatings-related issues, for that matter? Aren't well-educated, well-informed, and up-to-date coatings personnel all that more vulnerable to headhunters who are looking for such people in an increasingly formulator-starved marketplace? It's an interesting point of view. sincerely espoused more than occasionally by serious people within our industry. My personal reply would be, "Because well-educated, well-informed, and up-to-date coatings personnel are of great value to their current employers, and are likely to remain with those employers for a lot longer than might otherwise be the case as a result of the opportunities for education and personal enrichment that attendance at educational seminars, symposia and global conferences affords them." As the old saying goes, "Prove me wrong."

The global coatings industry just witnessed one of the most important events that offer such an opportunity for education and personal enrichment to all participants in the paint and coatings industry, regardless of their job function, and regardless of whether they participate as raw material suppliers, coatings manufacturers, end users, or service providers to any or all of the above. The American Coatings Conference and American Coatings Show, both held in Atlanta. Georgia, between 7-10 April, presented a dazzling array of technical papers, new raw material introductions, innovative approaches to both existing and emerging end-uses and extensive occasions for networking to a record number of attendees. The opportunities to learn about new materials and applications were as numerous as they were diverse, and only those who are immune to the learning process could have walked away less than impressed.

The American Coatings Show, however, is much more than just a collection of educational and commercial possibilities--it provides a biennial opportunity to celebrate one of the least appreciated, but most universally important, areas of technical endeavor in the global manufacturing community. Take a look around--how many items or structures do you see that are not painted? Look back thousands of years--how many items do we still have today because they were protected against the destructive sands of time because they were painted with the primitive--but effective--forebears of today's amazing thin-film paints and coatings that accomplish miracles of preservation?

Even beyond celebrating the history and commercial importance of the global paint industry, the ACS celebrates the specific importance of the American paint industry--and the American paint industry has been, and continues to be, uniquely populated by individuals without whose presence, influence, creativity, and good, old-fashioned hard work this industry would be a far less interesting and engaging work climate for attracting and keeping younger talent. Just glancing at a selection of the individuals who were honored at ACS this year, and at the areas of the industry which they have helped to advance, is a sobering experience. Whether noting the work that True Value's Gene Brickhouse and Dunn-Edwards' Karl Altergott have done for PaintCare[R]; Kerry Mattox and Sandy Berg's involvement with PaintPAC; Drew Vogel's board activities with the NOVA Paint Club and the Iowa Association of Business and Industry; or the distinguished contributions made in the areas of regulatory advocacy and emerging coatings technology by Sherwin-Williams Madelyn Harding and Ford Motor Company's Dr. Mark Nichols, respectively, it is really quite gratifying to see these members of the American paint and coatings industry altering both the U.S. and global industry dynamic in positive, permanent ways.

As we reflect upon these individuals, as well as countless others of whom space limitations prevent mention, the one factor that comes to the fore is that so much of what they have accomplished has been done on a voluntary basis ... No money changed hands, and none of them knew, when they began performing good works on behalf of the industry that they loved, that they would be awarded universal recognition someday. But perform for the "good of the industry," they did, and now we celebrate not only their selfless commitment but the accomplishments of their good deeds, as well.

.... Which brings us full circle: If these people had never been given the chance to attend educational forums such as the American Coatings Show and the American Coatings Conference, and all of the many other coatings-focused seminars, symposia and conferences offered on a local, regional, national and international basis, they would never have been able to engage with the people and programs that led them to volunteer for the good of their industry. Think about that for a moment. ... Think about the sheer amount of good that has come from employers saying "yes" to a request to attend an educational industry event. Everyone benefits--and no one loses. Investing in education is about as smart, simple, morale-boosting, and cost-effective as it gets.

An Open Letter to the Industry: On Education, Volunteerism, and Coatings Shows
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