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AC power systems handbook, 3d ed.


AC power systems handbook, 3d ed.

Whitaker, Jerry C.

CRC Press


428 pages



Electronic handbook series


Whitaker, an expert in standards development and lecturer, updates his text here to reflect current practice and the most up-to-date methods as he describes setting up and maintaining AC power for safe and cost-effective commercial and industrial systems. He begins with the basics of AC power systems, including their elements and architecture, moving to power generation systems, the power factor, including correction techniques, power transformers, capacitors, semiconductors, rectifier and filter circuits, power electronics, origins of AC line disturbances, power disturbance characterization, protection methods, the motor-generator set, uninterruptible power systems, power conditioning devices, transient suppression (including at the circuit level and in facility wiring), grounding (practices, tower elements and system design in the facility), standby power systems, designing for tolerance of faults, energy efficiency, safety and protection systems. Whitaker also supplies reference data and tables and a units conversion table.

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