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AC outlet for your vehicle.


Need on-the-road power? Plug Black & Decker's new power inverter (No. PI100AB) into your vehicle's DC outlet (cigarette lighter). It's great for running a portable DVD player or video games when taking trips with the kids, or recharging a laptop on the way home from work--or using just about any other electrical device.

Besides 115-volt AC power, the inverter has a USB outlet for iPods. The inverter adjusts up to 45 degrees so the plugs aren't sticking up in the air and getting in your way. The inverter is available at home centers and at for $24.

Black & Decker, (800) 618-5178.


by Brett Martin

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Title Annotation:NEW TOOLS & GEAR
Author:Martin, Brett
Publication:The Family Handyman
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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