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ABO seminar discusses how to 'profit by association'.

The Associated Builders and Owners Association recently held a breakfast meeting for suppliers of goods and services to the real estate industry. The group assembled a panel of speakers who each offered tips on how membership in the organization can help professionals make contacts and improve sales.

Vendors and service companies, or non-owner members, of ABO are Associate Members.

By becoming an associate member, said moderator Clint Taylor, area manager/In-Sink Division, Emerson Electric, one can "expand exposure and get additional business.

Wallace Rosenwach, president of Rosenwach Tank, told the audience that while attending ABO meetings can help you to get business, it will not come automatically. He urged them to not speak to only those you would sell to. And when you give someone a business card, he said, follow up. The person you gave it to may have passed it on to someone else. And remember, he said, when chatting with potential clients, stay away from politics.

Sandy Deutsch, president, Par Plumbing Co., Inc, said "Networking is the opportunity today. You have to build up the relationships that will eventually give you the business you need."

Deutsch offered a some networking tips: * Be open-minded * Treat people as equals * Don't be afraid to ask questions * Say "thank you" * Set realistic goals * Follow your leads * Be professional * Meet and greet everyone * Give cards * Introduce yourself by name and company * Know your strengths and weaknesses * Be committed

Richard Howard, president of Polar Distributors, stressed the information sharing done at ABO that can help you stay on top of new regulations and trends in the real estate industry.

Joseph Dee, Jr. president of Jad Bags Corp., urged the Associate members to be part of the "team" that supports the real estate industry. In order for the Associates to exist and do business there must be a strong real estate industry. Though he is not a property owner, he said he has accompanied the leadership of ABO to Washington to lobby on the issues that effect owners. On a recent visit to the office of Congressman Susan Mulinari, she turned to Dee and asked" ... and where are your buildings located." When Dee told her he didn't own any properties, she asked what purpose the trip served him. Dee explained why it was important for him to be there and this impressed the politician.

Steven Alpert, a purchasing agent for 15,000-plus units at Co-op city, invited the associated members to present bids to the housing complex. In the 80's, he said, the accepted six to eight bids per contact, but today they only gather only three or four. He said they look for honesty, professionalism, quality and price.

Other speakers were Donald McLain, Sr. RAM, vice president D.S. Wasserman Enterprises, Ltd; president RAM/ABO Chapter and James Fenlon, Sr. RAM, chairman, Scandinavian-American Building Managers Guild, Inc.
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Title Annotation:Associated Builders and Owners Association holds recruitment meeting
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Oct 7, 1992
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