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ABAG salutes executive director after 22 years of innovative programs.

OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 1995--Revan Tranter retires as the Association of Bay Area Governments' Executive Director today.

After 22 years of service to ABAG and 37 years in public services, Tranter was lauded by ABAG's 103 cities and counties for the agencies' many noteworthy accomplishments under his guidance.

He fostered programs that have literally saved taxpayers millions of dollars. ABAG's Pooled Liability Assurance Network, which has returned $9.6 million to its member cities, and ABAG financing programs that reduce interest costs for borrowed funds are examples.

To assist the region to achieve its planning, economic and environmental goals Tranter helped create the national and state organizations of councils of governments like ABAG. On the world scene, he was president of the International City/County Management Association -- founded in 1914 -- the prestigious organization comprises nearly 8,000 local government managers in the United States and other countries. He proposed the Bay Area Economic Forum, since established by ABAG and the Bay Area Council.

When asked what he considers his best personal accomplishments, he cites his support for minorities and women to help them ascend to higher professional levels. He also takes pride in restructuring ABAG with services that meet its members' needs thus reducing the agency's dependence on dues to only about 14% of its total $6.9 million budget.

As to the future, Tranter discounts political "happy talk" in Sacramento, and believes California's demographics alone oblige us to think of more ways to economize and streamline, not least at the the regional level.

Eugene Leong moves into the executive director slot on Feb. 11. Leong currently serves as Associate Executive Director, has a doctorate in environmental science and engineering. He has guided the successful service programs and has been an ABAG employee almost 20 years.

The City of Oakland and Tranter's hometown Berkeley have declared Feb. 10 "Revan Tranter Day." "Does this mean I get free parking?" Tranter asked, to which a Berkeley city official politely responded. "Oh -- Mr. Tranter, I don't think so."

CONTACT: Association of Bay Area Governments

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Date:Feb 10, 1995
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