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AATI business meeting.

Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy; May 26, 2006 The meeting was called to order by Paolo Giordano at 1:45 p.m.

Present: Paolo Giordano, Anthony Tamburri, Andrea Ciccarelli, Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander, Edoardo Lebano, Lucrezia Lindia, Bruna Boyle, Salvatore Banchieri, Pier Raimondo Baldini, Chris Kleinhenz, Suzanne Branciforte.


The President Paolo Giordano opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, and announcing that Edoardo Lebano had accepted the position of Executive Director of the AATI. As Executive Director, Edoardo will provide the business address for the Association. Paolo Giordano announced that anyone interested in book reviews should contact Rosa Bellino Giordano.

Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander gave a report on the status of the 2005 budget. The Association was recognized to be in satisfactory financial condition and the detailed budget will appear in the Italica Spring issue. The minutes from the October 2005 business meeting were presented and approved.

Andrea Ciccarelli gave his report on the Association Journal Italica. The Journal was recognized to be in satisfactory financial condition. He also announced that the next issue of Italica, dedicated to Albert Mancini, will be a double issue. Ciccarelli explained the delay in the publication of the Journal in 2006. He pointed out that a change in management had occurred at the publishing house, and raised the possibility of selecting a new publishing house to avoid future delays in the publication of Italica. Ciccarelli announced he is receiving a large number of manuscripts for publication, and for many of those not accepted he suggests possible changes for resubmission.

Piero Baldini listed the many activities he and Suzanne Branciforte had undertaken for the organization of the Conference in Genova. He specified that there were 150 sessions. He also took the occasion to acknowledge his wife's contribution to the update of the AATI Website in connection with the Genova Conference. Suzanne Branciforte reported that 460 people participated in the conference, and over 100 had registered between Thursday and Friday immediately preceding the conference. Many participants had come from as far as Turkey and South Africa, and from every corner of Italy.

Anthony Tamburri announced that the AATI participation in the 2006 ACTFL Conference in November was well underway, with copies of the preliminary program already printed. So far he had received 75 papers for presentation at the conference. He concluded by announcing a web page on the conference to be available by mid July.

Paolo Giordano reported that for the 2007 AATI conference he had been approached by NIAF for a joint program. He opened the floor for discussion on a joint Conference. After Chris Kleinhenz suggested that AATI be present at the annual ACTFL Conference, a joint AATI-NIAF Conference was then approved.

Bruna Boyle discussed the high school language contest and announced that 45 students were participating at the national level. She also reported that 1,006 students took the AP Italian exam for the first time. She closed stating that The College Board is asking for a greater participation.

College Essay Contest

Paolo Giordano reported that the college essay contest is to start in Spring 2007. The members of the committee are: Giancarlo Lombardi, The College of Staten Island of CUNY, Colleen Ryan-Schentz, The University of Notre Dame, and Marisa Trubiano, Montclair State University.

Local and Regional Chapters

Paolo Giordano also discussed his intention to organize the local and regional AATI chapters. At this point, the Association is not aware of exactly how many chapters there are, he commented, and does not have the names of the officers of these chapters. Giordano expressed his intention to meet personally with these people in order to establish some order in the matter.

Web Page

Paolo Giordano raised the existing problem with the present web page. Since the web page is run by Dickinson College under the direction of Tullio Pagano, the Association has no control over it. Lucrezia Lindia suggested having Salvatore Banchieri take over the responsibility of the web page. Banchieri accepted.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was bestowed upon Chris Kleinhentz. The presentation of the award was written by Albert Mancini, but because he was absent, it was read by Paolo Giordano. Edoardo Lebano recommended that Mancini's presentation be published in the next issue of Italica to be available to all the members.

New Business

Edoardo Lebano announced his interest in doing an update census for the teaching of Italian language in the USA since the last one goes back to 1996.

Franco Ricci, President of the AAIS, offered the possibility of a new collaboration between the AATI and AAIS. Questions were also raised on the existence of two Associations in Italian, having many of the same members, and on the possibilities of merging the two groups.

Paolo Giordano announced the possibility of a AATI 2008 Conference in Taormina, Italy.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted.


Secretary-Treasurer AATI

Membership (based on current paid memberships)
Italica ads $ 57,000.00
Convention income $ 3,000.00
Donations to memorial fund $ 2,000.00
 $ 63,000.00
Italica printing and mailing $ 37,000.00
Conference $ 2,000.00
High school language contest $ 2,000.00
College essay contest $ 600.00
JNCL/NCLIS, ACTF dues $ 2,600.00
Administration: President $ 700.00
Administration: Vice-president $ 600.00
Phone, postage $ 500.00
Supplies, printing $ 1,000.00
Awards $ 500.00
Miscellaneous $ 500.00


JANUARY 1, 2006-DECEMBER 31, 2006

Membership $ 66,432.29
 Canada $ 2,323.50
 International $ 6,937.99
 USA $ 57,170.80
Genova conference $ 18,175.00
The Galegroup, Inc. $ 1,023.61
JSTOR $ 5,537.70
American Council on Teaching of the Foreign Languages $ 3,169.64
Copyright clearance center $ 7,388.00
Memorial fund $ 1,225.00
 Canada $ 15.00
 International $ 0.00
 USA $ 1,210.00
TOTAL REVENUE $ 95,637.12

JANUARY 1, 2006-DECEMBER 31, 2006

Executive Meeting in Genova $ 2,500.00
Washington Conference Audio Visual Eq (2005) $ 3,237.54
Genova Copy Expenses $ 19.78
Amer Council of Foreign Teachers $ 300.00
Italica operating expenses and production $ 7,000.00
AATI/ACTFL program printing $ 306.25
Printing/mailing AATI membership renewal $ 2,000.00
Tax service $ 425.00
Mail $ 101.83
Office supplies $ 109.58
Refund for cancellation $ 460.80
Plaques $ 80.00
Computer training $ 565.00
Computer assistant $ 122.50
Scholarship for travel study $ 500.00
Italica $ 25,375.61
JNCL $ 1,250.00
ACTFL $ 200.00
JNCL $ 1,250.00
TOTAL EXPENSES $ 45,803.89

REVENUES $ 95,637.12
EXPENSES $ 45,823.89

Rochester, NY: KeyBank Checking Account (as of 12-31-06) $ 56,023.07
Rochester, NY: KeyBank Mondey Market (as of 12-31-06) $ 16,294.52
Tempe, AZ: Wells Fargo Bank (as of 12-31-06) $ 4,668.97
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