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From a partial list of animals banned as pets last June by the New York City Department of Health.

All dogs other than domesticated dogs, including but not limited to hyena, dingo, jackal, dhole, fennec, zorro, bush dog, and aardwolf.

All cats other than domesticated cats, including but not limited to lion, tiger, leopard, ocelot, jaguar, puma, caracal, jaguarundi, margay.

All bears, including polar, grizzly, and black bear.

All fur-bearing mammals of the family Mustelidae, including but not limited to badger, ermine, skunk, otter, zorille, and wolverine.

All carnivorous mammals of the family Viverridae, including civet, mongoose, genet, binturong, fossa, linsang, and suricate.

All bats.

All front-fanged venomous snakes, including cobra, mamba, krait; all sea snakes; all Laticaudinae (sea krait); any member of the family Pythoninae; any member of the family Varanidae, including white-throated monitor, Bornean earless monitor, and Komodo dragon.

All large rodents, including gopher, paca, marmot, beaver, sewellel, viscacha, and hutia.

All even-toed ungulates, including deer, giraffe, and hippopotamus.

All odd-toed ungulates other than domesticated horses, including zebra, rhinoceros, and tapir.

All hyrax.

All pangolin.

All sloth and armadillo.

All insectivorous mammals, such as aardvark, anteater, shrew, gymnure, desman, tenrec, mole, and hedgehog.

All gliding lemurs.

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Title Annotation:animals banned as pets by the New York, NY, Dept of Health
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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