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AAF dust collector for cleaner food processing.

AAF International's Type W RotoClone is a dust control favorite of food processors worldwide. The RotoClone is used to collect dust generated during the processing of cereal, rice, flour products, salty snacks, candy and sugar products and the cleaning of oven and fryer exhausts.

Ideal for collecting light, sticky dusts that would normally clog fabric-type dust collectors, the RotoClone is the most cost-effective, high-efficiency wet collector available. The Type W RotoClone combines the principle of dynamic precipitation with water sprays. The spray maintains a flowing film of water on all collecting surfaces, which minimizes water requirements and delivers collected dust in slurry form for easy disposal. See the Type W RotoClone at booth 152.

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Title Annotation:Type W RotoClone from AAF International
Comment:AAF dust collector for cleaner food processing.(Type W RotoClone from AAF International)
Publication:Food Processing
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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