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AACN Scope and Standards for Acute and Critical Care Nursing Practice.

The newly revised "AACN Scope and Standards for Acute and Critical Care Nursing Practice" is a must-have for acute and critical care nurses. The book describes nursing practices applicable to an acutely or critically ill patient no matter where that patient is cared for within the healthcare environment. The standards:

* are authoritative statements that describe a level of care or performance common to the profession of nursing by which the quality of nursing practice can be judged.

* are written to establish an example of the roles and responsibilities expected of the practitioner by the profession at large.

* include both standards of care, which prescribe a competent level of nursing practice, and standards of professional performance, which articulate the roles and behaviors expected of nursing professionals

In addition, they reflect the key concepts of the AACN Mission, Vision, Values and Ethics of Care, scope of practice and the Synergy Model for Patient Care.

The "AACN Scope and Standards for Acute and Critical Care Nursing Practice" (Product # 130300) is available online from the AACN Bookstore, The price is $20 for members and $25 for nonmembers

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