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AAAI and Squirrel AI Learning Establish New Million Dollar Award for Societal Benefits of AI.

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and Squirrel Al Learning announced the establishment of a new $1M annual award for societal benefits of Al. The award will be sponsored by Squirrel Al Learning as part of its mission to promote the use of artificial intelligence with lasting positive effects for society.

The new Squirrel Al Award for Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Humanity was announced jointly by Derek Haoyang Li, Founder and Chairman of Squirrel Al Learning, and Yolanda Gil, President of AMI, at the 2019 conference for Al for Adaptive Education (AIAED) in Beijing.

This new international award will recognize significant contributions in the field of artificial intelligence with profound societal impact that have generated otherwise unattainable value for humanity. The award nomination and selection process will be designed by a committee led by AMI that will include representatives from international organizations with relevant expertise that will be designated by Squirrel Al Learning.

"AMI is excited to team up with Squirrel Al Learning for this award, and to involve diverse organizations in the process," said Gil. "We are sure it will inspire the broader Al community to be persistent in tackling the most challenging problems facing our society. At a time when many regard Al with caution, it is important to bring to the forefront how this technology can improve our lives with profound and long-lasting benefits."

Li and his team at Squirrel Al Learning originally conceived the idea of this prize "because it is important to recognize how Al can improve our lives and our future."Although the focus of Squirrel Al Learning is in education, Li insisted that the award will recognize Al innovations across all sectors. "We want the world to know that there are many efforts by Al innovators internationally to benefit humanity and even create great business value for human beings. The establishment of a significant award like this one can call attention on that important work."

"Only world-renowned recognitions such as the Turing Award and the Nobel Prize carry monetary rewards at the million-dollar level, and this award will be unique in recognizing the positive impacts of Al for humanity," said Gil. The Turing Award is focused on recognizing significant and lasting technical contributions to computer science, and is widely described as the Nobel Prize for computing. Both the Turing Award and the Nobel Prize carry a reward of US$1 M, and are also awarded annually.

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Date:Jun 22, 2019
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