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AAAI Congratulates New ACM Fellows.

The Association for Computing Machinery recently named 56 of its members as fellows for significant contributions in areas including computer architecture, mobile networks, robotics, and systems security. Among the winners are several AAAI members and AAAI Fellows, * including the following honorees:

Adnan Darwiche (University of California, Los Angeles) * For contributions to the foundations and technology of automated reasoning

Tim Finin (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) *

For contributions to theory and practice of knowledge sharing in distributed systems and the World Wide Web

Mohammad T. Hajiaghayi (University of Maryland, College Park) For contributions to the fields of algorithmic graph theory and algorithmic game theory

Charles Lee Isbell (Georgia Institute of Technology) *

For contributions to interactive machine learning; and for contributions to increasing access and diversity in computing

Lillian Lee (Cornell University) *

For contributions to natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and computational social science

Michael Littman (Brown University) *

For contributions to the design and analysis of sequential decision-making algorithms in artificial intelligence

Huan Liu (Arizona State University) *

For contributions in feature selection for data mining and knowledge discovery and in social computing

Jiebo Luo (University of Rochester) *

For contributions to multimedia content analysis and social multimedia informatics

David Parkes (Harvard University) *

For contributions to computational markets, including novel mechanism design and incentive engineering methods

Gerald Tesauro (IBM Research, Yorktown)*

For contributions to reinforcement learning, neural networks, and intelligent autonomous agents

Ellen M. Voorhees (National Institute of Standards and Technology) For contributions in evaluation of information retrieval, question answering, and other language technologies

AAAI congratulates all the honorees! The new ACM Fellows were formally recognized at the ACM Awards Banquet on June 15 in San Francisco. For more information, please see

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Date:Jun 22, 2019
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