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AA urges 30mph repeater signs instead of street lights link.

The aa is calling for an end to the link between the 30mph speed limit and street lighting ( and for the law to change to allow 30mph repeater signs.

At present on 30mph roads, drivers are expected to presume the correct limit from the presence of street lighting and the general surrounding environment.

Small signs reminding drivers of the speed limit on lampposts ( or "repeaters" as they are known ( are only allowed on roads with limits other than 30mph (unless they are combined with a camera warning sign).

The AA believes the street lighting/30mph system is outdated.

North-East AA representative Denise Raven explained: "Drivers are now puzzled by the link between street lighting and the 30mph limit, which is based on a pattern of development and street lighting that is more than 50 years old. The time has come to abandon the link and make use of repeater signs in lit 30mph limits permissible.

"In many areas the character of the road will mean there is no need for additional signing.

"However, increasing the density of repeater signing should be an automatic remedy applied to lengths of road where speed-related accident rates are high or where speed limit compliance is low. This remedy should be applied before major speed enforcement initiatives like speed cameras are looked at."

Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership is happy to join the "repeater" lobby.

Partnership spokesperson Sarah Cossom said: "The rules about 30mph repeaters are primary legislation and they aren't going to change any time soon. If they did it would be a real boost to us, but it needs MPs to press the case." A DfT spokesman explained that it was possible for local authorities to ask for permission to put out 30mph repeaters ( in very exceptional circumstances.

He added: "We would consider special dispensations, but if 30mph repeaters became the norm they would be everywhere and there are already issues about too many signs on roads."
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 27, 2004
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