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A17 cleaning tip.

I just opened my May/June issue and read A17 advice in "Mailroom." A reader writes that you need to completely disassemble the rifle in order to clean the barrel from the breech. Not true. All that is needed is to remove the rear cover and the bolt spring, slide the bolt rearward--cocking the action-remove the actuating handle and remove the bolt out the rear of the action. This allows breech access without total disassembly. I find it best to have the safety on to prevent inadvertent trigger actuation and having to reset the action before reassembly. This only takes about 15 seconds and fully facilitates breech cleaning of the barrel.

David Overton

Meeker, CO

Thanks, Mr. Overton. My contact at Savage confirms that your procedure is correct.--Scott

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Title Annotation:MAILROOM
Author:Overton, David
Publication:Petersen's Rifle Shooter
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2016
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