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Warm thanks to Norman Davies for reviewing my biography of A.J.P. Taylor (June 2007). I was puzzled only by his regret that I sought out few of his pupils for reminiscences, and did not portray him by his fire listening to terrified students. While I tried not to repeat previous anecdotes, I did provide an account of being such a student (by Ann Wagstaff), along with accounts of wartime seminars in Holywell Ford by F.M.L. Thompson and Keith Kyle, later seminar recollections of Colin Bonwick, H.C.G. Matthew, and F. Hurdis-Jones, lecture recollections by K.D. Haley. Patrick Jackson, Robert Houlton, Geoffrey Matthew, David Perkin and R.A.C. Parker and postgraduate supervision or help by Alfred Gollin, Wm. Roger Louis and others. Even in a 439-page book this seems enough.

Apologies to Norman Davies regarding the two 'occasional errors' he identifies: the inaccuracy in the list of Taylor's 'very able postgraduate students' is Norman Davies (whom Taylor helped and whose work he greatly admired but who was not one of his postgraduates), while the error of the dimension of confusing Taylor for Bullock was attributing a short quotation of praise of Taylor to Stone not, er-um, Davies.

Chris Wrigley


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Author:Wrigley, Chris
Publication:History Today
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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