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A.E.R.T. develops high-tech process for recycling plastic, wood.

A.E.R.T. Develops High-Tech Process For Recycling Plastic, Wood

Name: A.E.R.T. (Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Inc.) Began: 1989 Location: Springdale Specialty: Plastic Recycling Revenues: Est. 1991--$2 million

This emerging growth company with facilities in Arkansas and Texas is run by brothers Joe and Doug Brooks. It went public (OTC) in 1989.

A.E.R.T. has developed technology to recycle waste plastic and waste wood fibers into composite building materials for use in certain segments of the building and construction industry.

The value-added, moisture-proof composite building materials are marketed under the trade names Bioplaste and Moistureshield and are used as wood substitutes in windows and doors.

Its northwest Arkansas facility is designed to recycle up to 25 million pounds per year of industrial and post-consumer waste, such as milk jugs, detergent bottles and grocery store bags.

The company recently announced an agreement to work with Dow, USA, the world's largest producer of non-fiber plastics.
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Title Annotation:Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Inc.
Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Mar 4, 1991
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