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A-maize-ing plastics.

Sony and Mitsubishi Plastic have overcome one of the shortcomings of eco-friendly plastics by developing a new corn-based plastic that's flame-retardant. The material incorporates an unidentified inorganic flame retardant and is as strong as the ABS resin widely used for casings. The recyclable, decomposable plastic will appear on DVD players in fall 2004.

Currently Sony uses corn-based plastics in the components or packaging for only a few products and only in Japan. One of its Walkman products has a housing that is 90% vegetable-derived, using only 40% of the petroleum of conventional plastics and reducing the C[O.sub.2] emissions related to plastics manufacture by 20%.
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Author:Dooley, Erin E.
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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