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A-list dyke drama.

Hell hath no fury like a lesbian scorned, or so it may seem.

Despite having irrefutable career success, Ellen DeGeneres, according to a source speaking to Shobwiz Spy, is "competitive" and "vindictive" when it comes to romance.

Amidst swirling rumors that her six-year marriage to Portia De Rossi is on thin ice, DeGeneres is going to drastic measures to make sure that her ex, Alexandra Hedison, doesn't find another leading lady, says the source, and is pulling out all the stops to ruin Hedison and girlfriend Jodie Foster's relationship.

"But Jodie couldn't care less," the source adds. "She thinks Ellen is a fool for letting such a good catch get away. Jodie had half a mind to send Ellen a note saying, 'Your loss is my gain,' but she isn't confrontational. As far as Jodie is concerned, Ellen can stew in her own regret and bitterness."

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Title Annotation:LESBOFILE; Ellen DeGeneres and Jodie Foster
Author:Voo, Jocelyn
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Date:Jun 1, 2014
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