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A-frame shelving.

Shaped like a pair of widespread 8-foot-tall ladders, these freestanding copper pipe bookshelf supports create a vivid display wall in a loft in Northern California. The supports are made from 2-inch-diameter copper pipes and standard fittings. The elbows at the peaks were heated and bent to make the sharp angle. Soldered crosspieces stiffen each frame.

Photographs, books, and objects are displayed on the heavy wood planks resting on the rungs. (The ladder-frames can be bolted to the wall for earthquake safety.) The middle shelf is interrupted in the center to make room for a television surrounded by a whimsical "dog house" made of perforated metal paneling.

DESIGN: Wayne Palmer, ASID, Aptos, CA (831/684-1980)
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Title Annotation:book shelves made from copper pipe
Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:May 1, 2001
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