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A-Z Common Reference Questions for Academic Librarians.

A-Z Common Reference Questions for Academic Librarians

Heather Dawson

Facet Publishing

9781783304110, $79.99, PB, 240pp,

Synopsis: Heather Dawson is an Academic Support Librarian in the Information Services Department of the LSE Library and the author of two books from Facet Publishing, UK. In "A-Z Common Reference Questions for Academic Librarians" she draws upon her years of experience and expertise to help academic librarians tackle the questions most commonly asked by students, academics and researchers.

A broad cross-disciplinary A-Z of themes including topics such as literature searching, plagiarism, and using online resources are covered, helping you to address a query confidently and quickly. Each topic is split into three sections to guide the reader's response to: common inquiries encountered; points to consider, with an exploration of the issues and challenges that might arise; and guidance on where to look, listing annotated UK and international resources in print and online including key organizations, scholarly bodies, digital libraries, statistical data, and journal article indexes.

"A-Z Common Reference Questions for Academic Librarians" fully updates and expands the author's previous book, "Know it All, Find it Fast for Academic Libraries", and includes new sections on: blogging and social media; text and data mining and data visualization; assistive technology resources; early career researchers; impact measurement including bibliometrics, citation analysis, and journal rankings; academic internet searching; LGBT studies; Middle East studies; project management; open access (OA) publishing; research data management; study skills; and systematic reviews.

Critique: Very highly recommended as being ideal for a library science curriculum or as in- service training textbook for library students and/or aspiring academic librarians, "A-Z Common Reference Questions for Academic Librarians" is impressively well organized and presented. This thoroughly 'user friendly' resource is unreservedly endorsed for the Library Science instructional reference collections of community, college, and academic libraries and library systems.

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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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