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A year of difficult decisions.

Before discussing my year as president of the American Foundrymen's Society, I'd like to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity of serving your Society during this past year. It has been an extremely rewarding experience from which I have learned and I enjoyed meeting many intelligent and interesting people. I'd also like to thank the employees of CMI International who supported me throughout the year and carried the ball when I was on Society business.

The Society experienced frustrating times as well as good ones last year. The quick-changing economy resulted in your board and AFS staff making many hard decisions. Several cost-cutting programs were put into place and most, if not all, produced a positive effect. We commend the AFS staff for its understanding and loyalty in getting the job done.

Another was the recent action by the AFS Board to raise member dues. Raising dues is never easy, but the board felt it was necessary. We feel the benefits of this action will accomplish several important goals. Among these are:

* to ensure the continuation of much-needed programs and services;

* to strengthen our position with state and federal government officials;

* to improve marketing efforts;

* to increase research support;

* to continue our ability to produce and disseminate timely information and publications;

* to strengthen the industry's competitive position and rightful place in U.S. manufacturing;

* and to help open up and develop more avenues to casting users and designers--our customers.

If we are to boldly move into the next century, we must have a stronger voice in our future. This means we must continue to place a strong emphasis on strengthening our government affairs program. This is being accomplished.

Last winter during our Government Affairs Conference in Washington D.C., we saw firsthand the fruits of our labor. Over 100 face-to-face visits were made to Capitol Hill with senators, representatives and staffers. We let them know our positions on the issues that directly affect the metalcasting industry. I believe, as do many of those who were in attendance, that we accomplished a great deal while we were there.

Most importantly, we're continuing to follow up on those visits to assure our representatives that we intend to be around for a long time and that our visits weren't a one-time affair. We continue to be encouraged by the results we have seen so far.

Another area of success has been our involvement in the American Cast Metals Research Center Bill. Together with the Steel Founders' Society of America and the North American Die Casting Assn., we successfully appropriated $4 million in matching funds from Congress for two straight years. The bill was recently extended to provide up to $5 million a year through 1997.

This has had a tremendous effect on AFS research. Four years ago, the Society allocated $100,000 a year for research. Today, through AFS, the industry will invest more than $4 million.

Since our annual meeting last year, a Management Council was developed to oversee the management activities of the Society. This council will be headed up each year by the Society's 1st vice president. It has three divisions: Government Affairs, Human Resources and Executive Management, and each is developing its own subcommittees to create programs that will address specific areas of need.

One of our most successful meetings each year is the Foundry Executive Management Conference. In Colorado last year, more than 270 metalcasting executives participated, from nearly 100 foundries and 15 suppliers.

This year, we will meet in Kiawah Island, South Carolina, on September 13-15.

If you have never attended the Foundry Executive Conference, I strongly urge you to join us this year. You'll find it to be a true learning experience and a great opportunity to meet the top executives in the industry.

During the first part of 1993, we began to see growth in the number of companies coming on board as AFS corporate members. I'd like to thank all of you--corporate and personal members alike--for your support and participation in the Society's programs during this past year. I know of no other organization that provides the kinds of services, programs and support to its members as does AFS.

As I traveled across the country to various chapter and regional meetings this past year, I was extremely encouraged by the enthusiastic people I met and the positive attitudes they hold about the future of the industry and AFS. What was also encouraging were the many young, fresh faces who are becoming involved with metal casting. I see this as a clear indication of a bright future for AFS and the foundry industry.

It has been a pleasure serving the Society and the industry as AFS president. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I received from everyone, and hope you will extend that same enthusiasm to your new officers and directors as they tackle the challenging tasks that lie ahead.
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Title Annotation:CasteExpo '93: 97th AFS Casting Congress, Chicago; speech of former American Foundrymen's Society Pres Ray H. Witt
Author:Witt, Ray H.
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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