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A year in review: elementary. (Clip Card).

This art appreciation activity was a meaningful way to help students make connections and review learning experiences at the end of the year.

For the year's last second grade art lesson, I assembled fifteen slides of paintings, weaving, sculpture, and ceramics. We reviewed art gallery manners and imagined a trip to a museum.

I told the students that the works they would see were all related to their school year: some to specific art projects; others to social studies and science. They were to try to identify the connections, as well as to respond to all sorts of questions, such as "What materials were used? "Does it look real or stylized?" "Is it ancient or not so old?" "How would it feel if you could touch it?"

Students identified animal sculptures from Mexico and Africa, among other places. A large weaving by Miro made them remember their weaving lesson. A jungle painting by Rousseau reminded them of their study in geography, of equatorial jungle regions. Several paintings helped them to recall field trips to the zoo and the theater.

After reviewing the slide show and discussing many aspects of the works, I asked the students to make a line drawing. They were to choose at least two of the artworks that they remembered and combine parts of what they recalled into one drawing. For example, animals from one painting or sculpture might be added to a Rousseau-like landscape; or men wearing African masks could be in a Renoir garden with a girl holding a cat and a watering can.

Many delightful drawings resulted from this lesson. The results showed how much students were able to recall and provided opportunities for imaginative thinking. The students were enthusiastic in describing what they had borrowed and re-created.

ClipCard submitted by Carol L. Chambers, an art teacher at Sangser Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia.
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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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