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A wonderful sight.

There's a wonderful sight in my front yard. To describe its beauty is really quite hard. It provides a home for many creatures. I'm amazed by all its incredible features.

It stretches tall to reach the sky; I sit and watch and wonder why. It's green and yellow, red and gold. I believe it's magic, or so I'm told.

I quickly take another glance. All the color is gone. Is this by chance? I sit and watch; it's dead and brown. I'm feeling very sad and a little let down.

It stands very strong against cold winds. It stands so straight, yet gently bends. I sit and watch; it's covered by snow. Where did all its splendor go?

The long months of winter slowly pass by. I sit and watch and wonder why. This puzzle is crazy; I want to scream! Then spring appears; it's like a dream.

Wait! Look closely--it's no longer bare. There are blossoms and buds everywhere. I sit, and watch the squirrels and birds. To explain this mystery, there are no words.

I quickly take another glance. It lives again. Is this by chance? I sit and watch and feel its cool shade. The sun goes down and the shadows fade.

What is this miracle? What can it be That provides such beauty for you and me? I sit and watch and suddenly see-- This wonderful sight is a maple tree.

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Heather Coleman lives in Charlestown, Rhode Island. She is in the seventh grade and on the honor roll at Chariho Middle School. Heather's hobbies include writing, piano, computers, and dance. Heather hopes to become a criminal lawyer when she gets older.
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Author:Coleman, Heather
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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