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A walk in the green.

On ancient foot steps with old voices laughing in the wind Where do I begin? Trees take my pain, leaves cover me with unconditional kisses branches help me raise my hands to the sky I spy many shades of green and it seems we're by a stream with ocean spray I guess I shall stay and play in ironwoods domain citrus kisses my lips tenderly filling my mouth with a burning star all of these trees are me and I am them from beginning to end we are one where are the wild plums? a kiss from my thumb to a plum reverse river runs

A story that changes shape and size My voice begins to rise I can hear the cries that reach beyond time shades of emerald gleam with innocent wishes and dreams all is not as it seems look deeper into the green healing magic is not only in dreams.

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Author:Williams, Taylor
Publication:Tok Blong Pasifik
Date:Dec 22, 2015
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