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A vote in favor of referees (at least the good ones!).

I believe there is merit in playing early round matches during local tournaments without referees since most players are capable of keeping accurate score and calling hinders before hitting the ball.

However, trouble could arise over foot faults, avoidable hinders, wet floor replays, extended timeouts, illegal serves, technical fouls, screen serves, safety violations, appeals and the numerous other violations that are part of the USHA referee policy.

My suggestion would be for a floating referee to observe matches and offer the players assistance regarding rule violations. A referee can also be offered if needed. I do recommend that referees and linesmen be available for semifinals and finals.

Personally, I feel honored to referee matches with the intent of conducting fair play. Experienced referees should be called on to referee at any time. Perhaps referees should be selected by past performance and be graded by players.

The question remains: Are referees necessary? I believe the qualified ones are!

Jim Smith, Holland, Ohio

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Title Annotation:MAILBAG
Author:Smith, Jim
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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