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A virus goes global.

Nathan Seppa's "Chikungunya is on the move" (SN: 6/13/15, p. 16) explained how the tropical virus is creeping into cooler climates, carried by mosquitoes. Readers on Facebook shared their own encounters with chikungunya.

"I got this late last year. There was no treatment at the time, and I am still feeling it from time to time. Your joints feel like they are broken, literally." Benedict Beharry

"It was starting to hit St. Thomas really hard right before I moved off the island (August 2014). So many people I know became crippled with illness. Some of them still have joint pain."

Laura Dennen

"My sister is just recovering from this and says it was much worse than dengue."

Rebecca Weissinger

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Title Annotation:SOCIAL MEDIA
Author:Beharry, Benedict; Dennen, Laura; Weissinger, Rebecca
Publication:Science News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 25, 2015
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