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A village called Yuzuri Hara.

To this day, many of us are still wondering if the so-called Fountain of Eternal Youth is just a myth, a fiction, and a fantasy. Probably... But do you know that there is a place somewhere in this world where more than ten (10%) percent of the population is over 85 years old? Yet, the senior population have youthful skin without using skin creams; flexible joints and strong bones without taking medication against painful and stiff joints, stiff fingers and creaking knees; clear eyesight, without taking eye drops against cataract and glaucoma; and healthy hair without taking medication to prevent thinning or balding hair.

One may ask: Where is this place where the old are acting very much younger than their biological age? And what's the secret of this place? From Internet, we learn that the place referred to is a village near Tokyo called Yuzuri Hara.

For decades, doctors have been studying and researching as to what is the secret of the seniors of the population for their long life and their young looks despite their advancing biological age. The finding is that the secret of the long life and young looks of those living in the community of Yuzuri Hara is not a fountain that spurts anti-age miracle water - but their DIET. The residents in said Japanese community eat a lot of starchy root vegetables. The common ingredient found in the starchy root vegetables is hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance that lubricates our joints, cartilage, and skin tissues.

Significantly, fifty (50%) of the hyaluronic acid found in our bodies is found in our skin. No wonder, hyaluronic acid is referred to as nature's anti-aging miracle since it is a fabulous moisturizer for our skin and reduces the wrinkles in our body.

As we grow old, hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced in our human bodies to lubricate movable parts of our bodies like joints and muscles declines. When this happens, the result for many of us is stiff joints, wrinkling skin, and the disappearing youthful look.

From Internet account, we also come to know the finding of one Japanese doctor who made a study of the diet of the residents of Yuzuri Hara, as follows: "And Komori, 80, who has adopted the local diet of very little meat and a lot of homegrown sticky starches, holds to his theory. I feel very strongly that if I had not come here to Yuzuri Hara, I would not have lived this long and healthy a life, he says. I probably would have died from some adult disease. Komori also points to statistics that since Western-style processed food infiltrated the village a few years ago, heart disease has doubled. With youngsters being seduced by these products, what the Japanese call an upside-down death pyramid has emerged, in which adults die before their elderly parents. "Although my children ate what I had been eating while they were young and lived here," says a 91-year-old woman who has outlived two of her six children, "when they moved away they chose to eat differently." (

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Date:Nov 30, 2018
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