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A very sticky problem.


Remember the man in the old Krazy Glue TV ads who looked as if he was dangling by his hard hat from a high steel beam? ("You can do cra-a-a-zy things with it!") In the past few years, people have been inadvertently doing even crazier things with other brands of cyanoacrylate ("instant") glue, particularly the ones in the little plastic bottles that usually come with artificial nail kits. It seems people have mistaken the little glue bottles for their eye medications. Many times these people store their eyedrops in the medicine cabinet with their artificial nail glue; subsequently, they end up not being able to distinguish between the two bottles. Injuries resulting from such mishaps have included corneal abrasions, eyelid skin removal, lash loss, and conjunctival inflammation.

A Newark, N.J., doctor warns that those most susceptible to these mishaps include the very young, the poorly sighted and careless individuals. Previous reports of accidental eye-glueings indicate that label warnings do no good; the reason most people use eye drops in the first place is because they have trouble seeing large objects, much less tiny print. Dr. Patrick A. DeRespinis of the University of Medicine and Dentistry at New Jersey in Newark recently reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that he has treated eight eye-glueing cases in the past three years. He urges glue manufacturers to either sell their products in different shaped containers (such as the tubes used for Krazy Glue and the Super Glue brand) or put safety caps on the bottles. Of course, other methods might include marking one bottle in some way to clearly distinguish it from the other, or just keeping the bottles separate and remembering where each is stored.
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Title Annotation:accidental eye gluings
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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