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A unique coffee service range for a unique range of markets.

Even if the coffee-brewing and/or espresso machine doesn't say so on the label, it may have originated, or have some components that originated, from the Carimali factory in Italy. This is because Carimali not only produces its own extensive line of out-of-home coffee and tea-making equipment, but also is a major supplier to the international industry. For example, Carimali ships out the units that are distributed by such market leaders as Coffema in Germany, Univend in the Netherlands, Brewmatic in Japan, while Acorto models in the U.S. and Digrim-Zanussi machines in Italy (to name but two of the many) incorporate components supplied to order by Canmali.

All of this to say that Carimali considers itself a thoroughly international company, and one that pursues cooperative working relationships with many suppliers of coffee-making equipment. Something else unusual about Carimali--only about 5% of its own-label machine sales are in Italy, and in fact it probably ranks as the least known of the major espresso machine manufacturers in Italy.

According to Dr. Marco Taddei, managing director and a member of the family owning Carimali, the company sees itself as a `European' rather than Italian cofmachines is Germany, where sales passed the 5 million DM level last year, followed by Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the U.K. The U.S. is now an emerging market as local dealers begin offering the line.

Taddei further explains that the diversity in Carimali's extensive range of machines and components derives in part from the company's long experience in successfully answering the challenge of operating on so many different national markets. For a company like Carimali it now seems only natural to adapt to numerous markets, tastes in coffees and machine designs, even to the spectrum of water qualifies and temperatures.

Carimali, which is located near Bergamo, was founded in 1919, making it one of the older extant coffee machine manufacturers in Italy. The company has always been involved with coffee. Its first espresso unit came off the line in the 1960's. Its range of professional automatic units debuted in 1975. The fully automatic, programmable series has been evolving since 1988, and now extends to seven models.

In traditional espresso machines, the Carimali line ranges from the classic espresso machine--in fact the company still makes a few lever models--to selfdosing semi-automatic professional units with from one to four serving heads. The company produces lines in different price segments, the top being the new `Tema' family. This will feature a new cabinet design and such subtleties as a cappuccino service that can offer either hot milk or milk foam.

Indicating just how wide a market the company serves, a popular model is now the Combi, which on one hand (at left) is the new generation of Italian espresso machines (semi-automatic) and on the other (at right) offers a classic U.S.-style brewmatic unit.

The same kind of versatility and practical application of market demands highlights the company's roster of fully automatic coffee-making units for out-of-home service. These are said to be the most compact units of their class now available. The units can be manufactured and programmed to produce virtually any style of coffee. All ingredients can be programmable grind, dosage, water. The units have gained a particularly important niche as appropriate for both coffee and tea service. The tea water has its separate system, with its own controls, direct from the boiler. As tea drinkers know, this is necessary to protect tea integrity in the cup.

These fully automatic units can be simplified down into completely selfservice machines. At the top, they feature one or two clear plastic bean tanks (to market two origins, for example, or to keep the decaffeinated coffee visibly separate). True to the Carimali mode, the range includes units that neatly combine the fully automatic apparatus with either a classic brewing or semi-automatic espresso making unit.

According to Dr. Taddei, espresso machine production continues to dominate at Carimali, with sales increasing by 15% in recent times. However, the newer fully automatic models have seen impressive growth; last year the production doubled.

As can be imagined, such expansion hasn't been always easy to cope with, particularly on the factory floor. But the situation will be eased when Carimali moves to its new factory and headquarters building later this year. The new factory, also in the Bergamo area, immediately gives Carimali an extra 35% production capacity and is so designed that capability can in fact be doubled when the demand is reached.
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Title Annotation:coffee making equipment manufacturer Carimali S.p.A. offers line of products for both home and industry
Author:Bell, Jonathan
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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