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A type collection of CVCCVCCVC words.

Among nine-letter words of the vowel-consonant pattern CVCCVCCVC, can one find all 125 possible vowel selections? Elsewhere in this issue, Hugo Brandt Corstius in "Battus in Wonderland" has constructed a story in which 125 Dutch words of this nature are featured. In English, it is possible to find 121 words in Webster's Second, as given in the table below (the numbers following some words indicate the number of occurrences in Kucera and Francis's million-word corpus Computational Analysis of Present-Day American English (1967).
Manhattan 20 cathedral 8 baptismal 1 patrolman mamlutdar
canvassed 1 passenger 14 barrister landowner hamburger 6
fantastic 20 Sanhedrin ballistic 17 pansophic Walpurgis
rascaldom magnetron badminton 1 parsondom
Parnassus masterful 14 narcissus barrowful balductum

mercaptan yesterday 83 centigram betrothal pertussal
recharter September 56 bedridden personnel 74 bespurred
lethargic metheglin verdigris Celtophil centumvir
detractor 1 bedfellow persimmon reblossom percussor
retractus regretful lemniscus retroflux Vertumnus

birlawman dispersal 5 milligram 5 bifrontal bismuthal
kidnapper 1 dissected distiller bishoplet discussed 25
bilharzic fingertip mistigris discomfit bismuthic
dishallow tinderbox millicron discommon disbutton
diseantus jitterbug cincinnus bishopful discursus

collarman horseplay 2 committal concordat nocturnal 3
commander 28 concerned 135 convinced 50 forgotten 38 conducted 55
nostalgic 6 horsewhip sophistic hobgoblin nonpublic
colcannon connector monsignor noncompos conductor 25
somnambul wonderful 53 doctordom concursus

jummahdar butterfat 1 Kurdistan subnormal 1 Mussulman
cubmaster suggested 105 published 85 supporter 3 rumrunner
fundatrix judgeship hubristic subfossil Cuchullin
dulearnon successor 16 multiflow turboprop
 bucketful pulpitful subconsul mundungus

Rex Gooch has kindly supplied dictionary examples for the four others: HARBURROW, an obsolete form of harbour in the OED; COLPISMUS, another name for vaginismus in Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (24th edition); MUSSASCUS, an obsolete form of musquash in the OED; MUNDUNGOS, plural of mundungo, foul-smelling tobacco, in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Interestingly, BALTUSROL is the name of a well-known golf course about ten miles from Morristown!


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Title Annotation:vowel-consonant pattern
Author:Eckler, A. Ross
Publication:Word Ways
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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