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A triumph of dishonesty.

I'M afraid there is nothing to celebrate about the 10th anniversary of Wales' smoking bans as they are simply a triumph of the disgraceful dishonesty of the anti-smoking lobby allied to their ability to morally blackmail governments into pointless action. It will have done next to nothing to improve public health!

The chief executive of ASH, Suzanne Cass crows it is, "the most positive improvement in the nation's health in decades" and frees thousands from "the deadly effects of passive smoke" but can give us absolutely no evidence for either claim. This is hardly surprising when the highly-respected British Doctor's smoking study which ran for 50 years repeatedly reported no ill effects from 20+ years of active smoking. This means of course, that passive smoke will still kill you but not for about 500 years!

Ms Cass must be aware of these undisputed findings yet still has the effrontery to frighten us with her "deadly effects of passive smoke"!

In this paper I have previously criticised the anti-smokers claims as, "disgracefully dishonest, thoroughly fraudulent and scientifically unsustainable" but no one seems inclined to publicly defend themselves so, once again, I call on ASH to substantiate their disgraceful scare campaign.

David H Lewis Caerphilly but presently in Australia

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 2, 2017
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