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A trip to the zoo boosts education.

RESEARCHERS at the University of Warwick claim a trip to the zoo can boost your child's science and conservation education more than books or classroom teaching alone.

Experts at the Coventry campus have produced a report after research was carried out on more than 3,000 children aged between seven and 14. They were asked about their knowledge of animals, habitat and conservation and then tested again after a trip to the zoo.

The results show that 53 per cent had a positive change in educational or conservationrelated knowledge areas, and personal concern for endangered species.

Eric Jensen, professor of sociology at the University of Warwick, said: "Globally, more than a tenth of the world's population passes through zoos annually so the potential is there to reach a huge audience.

"In recent years zoos have come under criticism for failing to demonstrate educational impact with certain lobbying groups arguing that it's cruel to keep animals captive. But zoos have been changing for years now to offer more educational and conservation information; 'behind the scenes' access for visitors; learning about habitat conservation work - all of which culminate in a better engagement experience for the visitor."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:May 30, 2011
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