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A tribute & salute to ADAA 2002-2003. (President's Page).

It has been a memorable year for me as your ADAA President ... a year of celebrating, New Beginnings and the culmination of a 12 month journey. Throughout the year we have had revitalization, new connections, historic events, participation with other organizations, and building the vision for all dental assistants.

The Board of Trustees, Council Chairmen and ADAA staff, all contributed to produce another year of accomplishments and progress. Our thanks go to all those who played an important role in the achievements.

Good news includes the progress that has been made over the last five years in bringing the Association to a more healthy financial level. Emphasis has been and will continue to be to monitor expenses, but at the same time to focus heavily on increasing membership.

New connections and educational opportunities began with our Executive Director, Larry Sepin and Director of Education, Jennifer K. Blake, CDA, EFDA, FADAA, who met with Linda L. Miles of Linda L. Miles and Associates. A subsequent contract with Linda L. Miles was accomplished for her new book, Dynamic Dentistry, in which she is offering membership in ADAA.

The U.S. Army provides ADAA access to dental assistants globally and greatly increases our visibility. This past year the U.S. Army has contributed several articles and news through our ADAA journal. We look forward to continued participation with them. I wish to thank our U.S. Army for enabling us to continue business as usual on the home front while they were taking care of business in Iraq.

New relationships have been developed and existing relationships enhanced with other dental organizations such as the ADA, American College of Prosthodontists, the Hinman Dental Meeting in Georgia, the California Dental Association, Greater New York Dental Society, Yankee Dental Congress and the Chicago Dental Society, by providing education as requested. Special focus in March was on DARW activities. ADAA and ADA Presidents co-signed a DARW Proclamation, signifying that dental assistants, working with the dental profession, play an important part in maintaining the dental health of the citizens of the United States.

The first International Dental Assistant and Nursing Symposium is being co-hosted by ADAA and the Canadian Dental Assistants' Association one day prior to Annual Conference in Nashville. The theme will focus on the globalization of dental assisting. This will be an opportunity for an exchange of information and practical knowledge.

Another first this year is the Educators Newsletter. The newsletter presented the latest student dues structure and more. And speaking of students, 10 scholarships were made possible again this year by Oral-B Laboratories. Thank you. Two Student Newsletters were mailed featuring dental assistants in business and industry. Plus, at annual conference this year there will be a student poster contest ... with thanks to Procter & Gamble for this event.

Further success has been noted with the relocation of ADAA Central Office. Executive Director Larry Sepin successfully negotiated the lease at considerable savings to ADAA. A more detailed report will be given at annual conference. Staff morale has increased tremendously since the move into the new office space.

Next my thanks to our ADAA staff. Thank you to our Executive Director Larry Sepin who has provided the opportunity for this organization to grow. And for being watchful of our organization so that it could become financially stable. Also, he has assisted in his staff's development and growth, providing new titles and more responsibilities.

For me this year has been a world of electronic transmission, and much of it with our staff. Any source, any question, the staff provides necessary data and is always asking: "can I do anything more for you". The communication keeps flowing. Thank you. Several of the ADAA staff will be attending the Nashville meeting. Please stop and say thank you.

To our Board of Trustees, thank you. The composition of the Board changes yearly, as well as new delegable duties and directives. They have been hard at work to communicate ways to assist the states within their districts and share ways that individual states can help each other. This year, the Councils to which Board Members are assigned have overlapped in ways to help achieve results and complete directives. The diligence, productivity, support and hard work of Board Members has been appreciated.

ADAA is very grateful for its corporate contributors who have largely made education at Annual Conference possible as well as underwriting many of our organization's worthwhile activities and programs.

ADAA is very grateful for our Sponsors this past year. Acknowledgement of them and thanks to them is ongoing and featured on a convention program page in this Journal.

The ADAA Foundation has developed and implemented a new ADAA Contribution Packet. Each foundation member will recruit three new companies that are not yet contributors. In addition, the Foundation underwrote funding for an ADAA/Army commemorative coin for the Foundation fundraiser at annual conference. Through Foundation funding, new courses have been added to the continuing education catalog and many existing courses have been updated; research and scholarships have been underwritten as well.

To those in the dental trade, manufacturers and research ... thank you for supporting ADAA. Our appreciation is shared in the efforts you make to recognize the needs of dental assistants in product research, equipment design, efficiency in delivery and by your generous contributions. All of these are the key to our success. Again thank you.

All that you do raises the visibility of who dental assistants are and their intricate role in enhancing the profession of dental assisting.

Many thanks to our state components for their invitations and for the opportunity to reach grassroots by visiting them to bring greetings or to send greetings. The interaction with trustees, officers, members and potential members is so vital to forging links.

This issue concludes a year of gratitude and affection for this Association. As your 79th ADAA President, it has been a privilege to serve. My sincere thank you, to you as our readers and supporters of ADAA. It goes without saying that it is the sum of the whole that makes a difference in ADAA.

Thank You.
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Date:May 1, 2003
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