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A treasure trove of products and services.

THE ASIS INTERNATIONAL 49th Annual Seminar and Exhibits hosted more than 2,100 booths displaying the latest in security technology and services from 725 companies. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band led the ASIS International Board of Directors and a crowd of attendees to the main entrance of the exhibit hall after Monday's opening ceremony ASIS President Daniel H. Kropp, CPP, took the podium to tell attendees that "this exhibit is excitingly innovative, leading edge, [and] top-quality."

After Kropp cut the ribbon, the crowd poured into the hall to view the booths of hundreds of exhibiting companies. Visitors could take advantage of a new registration twist Called Exhibits Plus, the designation allowed persons to attend any morning's general session and have full access to the exhibit hall all day.

What's new? With more than 2,100 booths on the exhibit floor and a commensurate number of products and services, earning the title of "most innovative" was most daunting. Nonetheless, Roy N. Bordes, president and CEO of The Bordes Group, expressed his expert view at a session to help first-time and seasoned attendees sort through the myriad of choices. Bordes tapped Michael Stapleton Associates as having the most novel product or service: a central station manned by explosives detection and detonation professionals to whom companies can send suspicious letters, packages, or other items for examination. Another company with explosives detection expertise, Control Screening, LLC, also particularly impressed Bordes. That firm makes a portable explosives detection system that samples vapors and particles.

Bordes expounded on 39 products, services, or booths that deserved special attention from the audience. More than a third were involved in video or CCTV. On the DVR front, Sanyo caught Bordes's attention with its 520-line resolution and excellent recording times. For smaller businesses, Bordes mentioned Tempest Microsystems, whose DVR sells for only $395.

Video data management was a hot theme on this year's exhibit floor, and Bordes pointed out two companies worth a look, Visio Wave and Total Recall. Other companies displaying interesting elements of a video/CCTV system included Video Surveillance Group, offering 360-degree high-resolution coverage with a single camera; Premier Wireless Inc., promoting its long-range remote video transmission; Ozvision, specializing in remote monitoring; the Video Communications Systems booth, providing great information on video networking; Dedicated Micros, offering a server for remote monitoring and control; and Object Video, presenting an early-warning detection and tracking system.

Also well represented on the exhibit floor were systems for access and visitor control or perimeter and intrusion detection. Of companies with products in the first group, Bordes singled out four: Easy Lobby, which makes visitor control software; Wireless Access, which produces wireless transmitters for panic-bar applications; LG Electronics, whose booth featured a highly informative presentation on iris-scanning technology; and Hirsch Electronics, which displayed a wireless rapid-deployment access control system.

Bordes's perimeter protection choices were both mechanical and electronic. For the former, he noted the welded wire-mesh fencing from Riverdale Mills Corp. and high-security gates from Tymetal Corp. On the electronic end, Bordes directed audience members to Vindicator Technologies, Integrated Security Corp., and ASIM Technologies.

Many products and services on display crossed the borders of traditional categories, and company representatives quickly captured the imagination of listeners with new applications and product lines. The following summaries highlight just a few of the many products and services introduced in access control; alarms; asset tracking; communications; fire and life safety; homeland security; ID systems, and integrated systems; locks, safes, and seals; services and specialty applications; surveillance; and video cameras, CCTV, and recorders.

Access control. A new contactless smart card system by LEGIC Identsystems Ltd attracted attention. The system, designed for access control, time and attendance, parking, and government projects, can accommodate large numbers of users and still maintain a plug-and-play simplicity.

Alvarado Manufacturing introduced its new, space-saving optical turnstiles. The Supervisor 3000 uses motorized, retracting barrier arms and optical technology in a reduced size. The system can operate in three modes and sounds an alarm if unauthorized access is attempted.

A new facial recognition system from Siedle Communication Systems mimics the neural processes of the human mind to identify users. The AcSys Biometric system does not rely solely on measurements for recognition but uses them in conjunction with other technologies. By applying this neural process, the system updates its memory continuously, allowing it to recognize changes in physical appearance over time. The technology also obviates the need to keep photos of users in a database.

New access control software from Continental Instrument integrates access control with other facility management functions. Designed to link facilities around a campus or around the world, the software can be installed easily but offers high-end security.

A new company called V displayed its Layered Voice Analysis Technology. By analyzing vocal frequencies, the technology is touted to surpass the polygraph in determining a subject's unconscious thoughts. The software immediately signals whether the person is stressed, overly thoughtful, or lying. Applications could include access control for border entry points, prison entrances, airports, and cruise ships.

The Dual Supervised Reader Extender (DUPREX), displayed at the Cypress Computer Systems, Inc., booth, can extend the distance between any two access control readers and controller to 10,000 feet. This eliminates the need for additional wiring or controllers. The units can read Wiegand, proximity, and mag stripe cards.

New SmartID contactless smart card readers offered by Integrated Engineering are designed to fit into a modern decor. The system can also be equipped with fingerprint verification.

An audit function for electric doors and gates distinguishes the new TouchAccess 300. The product, on display by Videx, controls access and records each access event. The system records the user's ID, location, date, and time. This information is then transferred via an infrared connection to a hand-held Palm organizer before being transferred to a PC.

Boon Edam's new stereovision sensor system verifies that only one authorized individual is passing through a revolving door at one time. The sensor system uses stereovision cameras mounted in the door's canopy. Sensors recognize three-dimensional shapes and volumes so that only one person can pass through at a given time.

The Fiber Fence perimeter protection system is based on a fiber optic cable that runs along a perimeter and can detect a security breach. The cable system, introduced by Fiber Instrument Sales, is resistant to lightning, interference, and tampering. The system can be used as an early warning device at a high-security facility or as a perimeter security solution for medium-security applications.

A Windows-based security system, the new I/NET Seven moves access functions to the workstation level--allowing any device to interact with any other device in the system without depending on a host computer. The new system, by TAC Americas, is designed to reduce vulnerability and also lower maintenance and installation costs.

A new line of access control devices that use ID smart cards was on display at the Hirsch Electronics booth. The ScrambleSmart system integrates a contactless reader into the company's ScramblePad keypad, and BioSmart integrates the smart card reader into a fingerprint device. The smart card readers receive power from the universal reader interface so no separate power source is required to operate the smart cards.

C.S.A.M., the new standalone access control system from BALOGH, is a single-door controller for small applications. The system's antenna can be placed behind the wall at an access point, allowing an invisible security presence. The system features a Windows compatible software package.

The new access control reader modules by Siedle Communication Systems can be integrated into almost any existing access control system. This integration is possible because of the company's alliance with HID Corporation.

The new ClearNet Proximity Reader Controller is available with direct Ethernet connectivity. The new reader, manufactured by ISONAS Incorporated, incorporates a proximity reader controller with direct IP connectivity. Using Windows-based software, users can communicate directly to any reader controller through any data network--VPN, Internet, intranet--through its IP address.

A high-security mantrap manufactured by Kouba Systems is designed for outdoor environments where controlling access is crucial. The system consists of a standalone metal housing with two interlocking doors, remote control, and an annunciation panel. The device can also be equipped with other options including CCTV, biometrics, intercoms, and metal detectors.

Alarms. Among the new alarm products on display was the new Peer-to-Peer Fire Alarm Network being showcased by The Gamewell Company. The system allows as many as 250 fire alarm panels to be networked in a matter of hours. The new network features a "healing" component. If an alarm panel is damaged or otherwise isolated from the network, the system will work around the panel and continue to operate normally.

The telephone connection service from ES Source, Inc. tests alarms by verifying that the telephone line connecting the system is operating. The VeriConnect service tests the telephone line on weekdays, 30 minutes before a facility's scheduled closing time and every 30 minutes from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. On weekends the service tests the lines every 30 minutes from 10:00 pm on Friday to 5:00 am on Saturday.

A new device that was on display is designed to clean dust and debris from alarm detector surfaces. The Solo Detector Duster by Sdi can blow aside dust and dirt from up to 30 feet away without damaging the detector surface.

The new GEM-K4RF Keypad includes a built-in, 32-point wireless receiver. The keypad, manufactured by NAPCO Security Group also offers a one-touch arm and disarm of the system.

The newest security and detection control panels from Automation Displays Inc. allow security professionals to control doors, windows, lights, televisions, cameras, and telephones while simultaneously monitoring alarm functions. The product works by displaying a graphic representation of the room, floor plan, or building. Each panel is custom-designed to a user's needs.

Asset tracking. True Screen, Inc. unveiled its new suite of Web-based tracking and management tools. The new product, myReports+, provides detailed status notifications for each background report as well as greater report viewing and archiving flexibility.

The new asset tracking software from STOP Security Tracking of Office Property tracks assets through the Web in real time, 24 hours a day. With the new software, users can organize, catalog, and monitor company assets from any computer with an Internet connection. Each customer is given a unique log-on and password.

Cameras, CCTV, and recorders. A wireless camera system developed by Super-circuits transmits video in ranges up to 300 feet with a picture quality of 350 lines of resolution. The camera is tiny, measuring .90 x 1 x .75, weighs less than one ounce, is equipped with a color pinhole lens, and can operate for up to 10 hours using the included battery pack.

Diversified Optical Products, Inc., introduced a lightweight, infrared hand-held camera. The Cadet75 offers a standard motorized focus and one-button operation along with digital zoom and snap shot features. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

A CCTV system by PI Vision reads both analog and digital camera feeds. The system comes in two models. One is an enterprise-level system that can handle more than 5,000 cameras. Another model is an entry-level product designed to manage 16 cameras.

Toshiba Security Products launched its new networked CCTV system. The cameras, which are designed to record events in homes, daycare centers, schools, or businesses, can be viewed remotely in high resolution. The streaming video can be viewed by computer via the Internet or over a PDA or cell phone.

A new CCTV system introduced by iOmniscient uses artificial intelligence to identify suspicious objects left unattended in public areas. The system can identify and categorize complex situations--such as people walking in front of objects, changing light conditions, and changes in perspective. Such features help detect potentially dangerous objects while cutting down on false alarms.

A new line of digital cameras from Bosch Security Systems was designed to be installed simply and is compatible with almost every type and brand of CCTV equipment. The cameras in the Dinion line contain numerous enhancements. For example, the cameras can maintain a high-quality picture even in dark conditions. And in high-resolution color models, the cameras automatically switch to monochrome and compensate when it becomes too dark.

The SuperView 3000 video monitoring system can simultaneously display up to 12 computer and video signals on a single monitor or projector. The system, displayed by RGB Spectrum, has been designed as an alternative to video wails and other monitor arrays because the operator can choose 12 feeds from 36 possible inputs. Users can also apportion the screen display as circumstances dictate. Also, the system allows computer images such as access control and alarm status to be viewed alongside CCTV feeds.

Wren unveiled its detention grade MiniGlobe. The first of a new product family, the camera provides durable, tamperproof security for indoor and outdoor applications. The camera is designed to work in locations with low ceilings, such as prisons, schools, institutions, and government facilities.

A new digital video server by Focus-Micro, Inc., was specially developed for casino and gaming environments. By using digital multitasking, the recorded video and audio files are available for immediate playback and enhancement without interrupting the recording process. Also, the system's frame capture rate of 480 pps is sufficient to satisfy the gaming security environment.

The iView DVR integrated system unveiled by Access Specialties, Inc, allows users to view and manage access control events and digital video footage on the same PC. Advanced features, such as smart searching of archived video, transparent local and remote management of video, and user-configured viewing windows, are also available.

Sony Security Products debuted its fixed-view network color video camera. The camera has a built-in Web server and a zoom lens to provide high-resolution images to up to 50 viewers simultaneously. The SNC-Z20N IP camera can be controlled via PC or through certain hand-held PDAs.

The new DX1000 series digital video recorder by Pelco is designed to be set up and forgotten. Because the device combines the functions of a recorder and a multiplexer, there are no tapes to maintain, store, replace, or rewind. Unless security staff needs to review video, the DVR can be placed on a shelf and left alone. When the available hard-drive storage space is consumed--the unit comes in 30 GB and 60 GB versions--the DVR begins automatically recording over the oldest stored video.

A new combined DVR/networked video server was displayed at the BraddaHead booth. The system is one of the first to feature the new wavelet-based JPEG2000 image compression standard. Other features include fast picture update rates, Linux operating system, advanced network protocols, and large-scale video storage.

The newest CCTV transmitter by OPTICOMM Corporation attaches directly to the back of a camera unit. The MMV-110 Micro transmitter then runs a compatible signal to the receiver, which can be located in a remote security viewing room more than 13,000 feet away. The unit can transmit black-and-white or color images and is immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference

Specializing in networked digital video solutions, VCS Video Communication Systems AG has added a new eight-channel video sender/receiver to its product line. The VideoJet 8000 sends video from eight cameras over an IP network

Elmo introduced a new series of application-specific DVRs. The new product line offers a model tailored to a variety of surveillance or monitoring needs--such as bank, ATM, supermarket, casino, retail, hospital, and industrial facility security. The DVRs range from the single input model that is independent of platforms and processors to the 16-camera model that transmits 480 pictures per second over a server.

JVC Professional Products Company showed off a prototype of its new V-Networks VDR-100 Video Data recorder, a digital recorder and Web server in one package. The product combines video cameras communicating over an Ethernet network with digital recording and network control. Each VDR can manage and record up to 16 IP cameras; multiple VDRs can be managed over a standard BaseT Ethernet network via a standard browser.

Ozvision has introduced the OzVision Video Transmission Engine, an OEM add-on module that allows DVRs to transmit video to monitoring stations and provide extended remote video services based on OzVision's network and industry standard. Also on display at the Ozvision booth were the Ozline-4VC and Ozline-Top, which provide remote video management. Features include video false-alarm verification, automated video tours, and "open and close" video reports.

A new high-performance digital security recorder from Sanyo records events to real time and can display the video images from four cameras on a four-screen display. The operator can view the image in a full-semen or multiscreen format.

Canon provided new fodder for security professionals craving camera innovation. For those seeking low-light performance, the new VC-C501 PTZ camera features i lux sensitivity. The camera's 26X optical zoom/12X digital zoom lens captures fine detail from long distances. Also debuting was Canon's VK-64 Network Video Recording Software. In combination with the VC-C501 camera and Canon's VB150 Network Camera Server, the VK-64 software records full-motion video from up to 64 cameras on one storage server.

Communications. The Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System by Talk-A-Phone is a 15-foot tower with a blue strobe light on top and (bur high-powered horns concealed within the tower. If a public announcement is warranted, such as in the case of a terrorist attack, the horns can be exposed and provide a combined 160 watts of broadcast power.

The new VS-900SC site connector interface is an addition to the security intercom system offered by TOA Electronics, Inc. The interface allows systems integrators to connect intercom systems at multiple sites using standard off-the-shelf fiber optics

The new telephone entry system by DoorKing, Inc., sports two new features--an antipassback option and an elevator control option. The system uses an electronic directory allowing users to scroll through names to find the tenant they wish to visit. Once located, the tenant is buzzed using the existing telephone. The system can also be ordered with an antipassback feature that prevents users from allowing unauthorized personnel into the facility. The entry system can also be configured to allow users access to a specific floor using elevator controls.

Fire and life safety. The new Inspection Manager FLX is designed to automate annual building inspections. The system, manufactured by TISCOR, allows users to record National Fire Protection Association violations electronically with a PDA, eliminating paperwork and data entry.

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., has added a range of audio capabilities to its fire detection system Primarily used for voice/evacuation instructions in an emergency, the system can now be used to provide other types of communication, including music and paging information.

Two new portable automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs) were under the spotlight at the Cardiac Science booth The Powerheart and the First-Save AEDs are designed to be used by both lay people and trained professionals. The devices feature one-button operation and analysis software to help ensure reliability.

American Innovations, Inc., introduced its Public Safety Threat Alert Trash Receptacles. The receptacles are bomb resistant and have successfully passed a variety of detonation tests. The receptacles were also successful when tested to contain all horizontal fragmentation from pipe bombs.

Won-Door Corporation, a manufacturer of deployable fire and safety barriers, is introducing SteelCurtain, an impassable horizontal door that automatically deploys from side wall pockets. The side wall mounting provides a safer environment than roll-down, which can cause personal injury and create liability for a company. SteelCurtain can span openings up to 23 feet high and with virtually unlimited widths.

Homeland security. Products found in this new category are designed to help meet national security needs. With 98 companies offering products that fit this category, security professionals tasked with protecting high-risk facilities had many options to consider.

The National Safe Skies Alliance unveiled its new mobile test unit. The unit is available to the Transportation Security Administration for aviation security projects and allows engineers to conduct test projects in any weather at any location. The permanent components in the unit include a computer for data storage, a video collection system For up to 16 cameras, a weather station, and a generator.

The Prime Alert biodetection threat verification system on display at the GenPrime, Inc., booth helps emergency management teams determine whether an unknown powder is a bioterrorist threat or a hoax. The system can identify biowarfare microbes including bacterial spores as well as the toxins ricin and botulinum.

The HUMMER H2 is the newest armored commercial vehicle from O'GaraHess & Eisenhardt. Equipped with opaque and transparent armor and vehicle structure reinforcements, the HUMMER H2 comes in different levels of ballistic protection including .44 Magnum, AK-47, assault rifle, and M193.

Designed to contain hazardous biological and chemical contamination from tainted mail, the PostalSentry from Compliance Specialists Inc. provides a negative air pressure zone in which to open mail. The desktop work station has been proven 99.3 percent effective in capturing 1 micron particles, smaller than weapons-grade anthrax.

Bosik Technologies Limited announced the commercial launch of its Suspect Package Container. The lightweight, portable, and gas-tight bomb containment system can isolate packages the size of carry-on luggage. Once the package is contained within the unit, it can be transported to a safe area. If the package detonates, the container will withstand the explosion and contain fragments and gases.

GE Ion Track debuted its portable explosives and narcotics identification system, called StreetLab. The product is a bulk identification system for analyzing visible powders, pills, and liquids. Using a laser to identify the frequency shift in light scattered off a sample, StreetLab identifies substances based on their molecular structure.

The Guardian, a hand-held metal detector, has a large scanning surface to easily detect concealed metallic items such as knives and guns. The detector, manufactured by Bounty Hunter; features a momentary-low switch for precise detection of large metal objects while eliminating interference from small items such as clips on jeans or small pieces of jewelry.

ID systems. In the latest version of the EPI Suite ID badging software, users are offered new features that make developing ID cards and credentials easier and more accurate. Developed by ImageWare Systems, Inc, the new software includes additional camera drivers for quick and easy image capture in high-volume enrollment situations as well as a smart face-finding tool that automatically locates a face and then centers and crops the image

For organizations that still use a paper visitor log, a digital record-keeping and color ID badging system might be an alternative. The new Avery Photo ID System from Avery Dennison allows lobby personnel to register visitors quickly, produce color photo ID badges, and keep a digital record of all facility visitors.

A fingerprint and palm-print identification system from Cross Match Technologies, Inc., is designed for ease of use and high-quality images. Customers can plug the system in, read the directions, and begin obtaining digital fingerprints that can be forwarded to government agencies for background checks. The system has an integrated touch screen and a sensor that automatically notes whether the finger is placed correctly, thus eliminating faulty images. The company has priced the item at under $10,000 and is introducing a new rental option to help customers obtain the system.

The latest upgrade of the Passage-Point visitor management software offers new features that make the program easier and faster to use. PassagePoint 4.1, unveiled by STOPware, Inc, reduces the steps necessary to capture information and print a badge, allows users to quickly locate repeat visitors, and offers a one-step search engine. Visitor data can be manually entered or scanned from a business card or driver's license.

Integrated systems. ADC Technologies International spotlighted its new security management system, iVision, a Web-based access control and alarm monitoring system. The product integrates with the company's existing access control panels.

The newest version of the ESM-USA Enterprise Security Management system allows security professionals to manage all elements of a security control console on one platform. From a single console, security personnel can manage visitors, employee events, parking, keys, and guard tours. The system, available from United Security Applications, can even be programmed to give a virtual tour of the facility.

The Alliance System Security Management Platform provides a single user Interface for access control, intrusion detection, building management, CCTV, and communications systems. The platform, manufactured by GE Interlogix, can be used for everything from sales estimates to photo IDs to maintenance.

A network management system from DVTel, Inc., can manage CCTV, access control, intercoms, visitor management, and other security programs--all from multiple vendors. The NetSCAN product continuously monitors the network to report on and configure newly installed security components.

A security management system launched by Johnson Controls is designed to help companies meet guidelines set by the Transportation Security Administration and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new version of the Cardkey P2000 security management system offers a threat-level feature that allows the user to easily change preconfigured security measures such as access control at an airport. Another feature, an improved audit trail for electronic records, can help companies, such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, comply with FDA regulations.

The new Spectrum Site Manager is a scalable, PC-based software product that integrates existing subsystems from multiple vendors without upgrades or replacements. The software system, manufactured by Spectrum Management, features a user-friendly, intuitive graphical interface that can both monitor and control various security devices within one or multiple facilities.

Locks, safes, and seals. The latest locking system from Alarm Lock Systems, Inc, can be programmed to stay unlocked for 5, 10, or 15 seconds, making it ideal for reception and waiting areas. The Trilogy DK3000 lock can be released remotely from inside or by pressing a numerical code on the keypad from the outside.

Under the spotlight at the Morse Watchmans booth was the new KeyBank Safe Key Management System. The computerized key storage cabinet can be electronically monitored and comes with reporting software. Using tamperproof Smart Keys, the safe records the access history of each key and user.

The Notebook Guardian Master Coded ComboLock, now manufactured by PC Guardian, is designed to protect against computer hardware theft. Each cable lock is stamped with a serial number and programmed with a preset combination lock at the PC Guardian factory. A master list of serial numbers and matching combinations is sent to the client's security director so a computer can be easily unlocked if an employee forgets the combination.

The button memory seal by CGM Security. Solutions can be incorporated into a cable, bolt, or bar security seal for cargo containers, rail cars, or trailers. The seal has a 64K memory and can be downloaded into a Windows document. The memory performs under various conditions including in salt water or sand, under gamma radiation, and in extreme heat or cold. The buttons can be read with a portable handheld reader.

One of the largest suppliers of safes and cash handling systems, Corporate Safe Specialists announced a new addition to its Advanced Cash Control System family of products. The new device, the QL4, is a standalone, touchscreen information safe that provides full audit capabilities. The system can be integrated into existing IT networks.

A new locking device by ProxlD is a software system that allows the user to lock a keyboard and mouse to prevent unauthorized access. The software also includes a hot-key activation to quickly lock the PC, an optional unlock password in addition to hot-key deactivation, automatic PC shutdown, and a log file record for failed access attempts.

Services and specialty applications. Control Risks Group launched its new Web-based international-travel-tracking service. CRTravelTracker provides real-time information on employee locations, the means to contact employees immediately in case of emergency, and assistance in implementing a company travel policy.

A new staff scheduling and deployment system for protective service organizations--the J2EE Enterprise Officer Scheduling System--has been designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency by automating the analysis, management, and sorting of shift requirements. Manufactured by InTime Solutions, Inc, the system will warn schedulers when assignments trigger overtime or when personnel fail to meet required skill or certification needs.

Storm Hawk by WeatherData, Inc., is a new mobile, hand-held weather and navigational system. The system uses GPS technology combined with cellular or satellite communications to target weather conditions in specific areas. The device is designed to let field personnel protect hazardous materials, track critical shipments, or monitor sensitive business functions.

Dahle introduced a high-security shredder that meets new National Security Administration standards. The company has five models, each producing a 1mm x 4mm shred size.

Galls Incorporated unveiled its DutyPro line of apparel, duty gear, and footwear. All items are made of 1680 denier ballistic weave nylon. Ideal for outdoor work, the Fabric resists the elements and won't tear or scuff

To provide a reliable drug testing service for employers, ADREM Profiles Inc. has teamed up with LabOne, Inc., a laboratory testing company. ADREM is offering five- and ten-panel urine and oral drug tests with analysis done by LabOne. The five-panel drug screen detects THC, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines.

First Advantage Corporation introduced the NationScan Criminal Index. This Web tool allows customers to search more than 100 million felony and misdemeanor records in 3,347 local jurisdictions across the United States. Even if a job applicant does not divulge all of the states he or she has lived in, security can still uncover criminal convictions. The service complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

A new research product from OPENonline allows users to conduct criminal background checks in several Ohio counties simultaneously. The Ohio Criminal Court Records tool eliminates the need to look for criminal records county by county and provides access to multiple counties in a single search. The product complies with Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements for background screening.

The newest major at Southwestern College Online is in security management. The course focuses on public and private security issues in a post-9-11 world. Students with at least 48 undergraduate credit hours can complete a bachelor's degree in security management completely online. A 15-credit-hour certificate is available for those who prefer a nondegree track.

Representatives of the University College of the University of Denver were on hand to explain a new certificate of advanced study in organizational security. The program, designed for business and organizational security management professionals, focuses on cost and implementation of security systems, the role of security in mitigating risk, researching security issues, and determining threats and protection concepts for the information age.

In an effort to enhance the education, skills, and leadership of its 13,000 security officers and managers, Barton Protective Services, Inc., launched its national Master Security Officer (MSO) program. Already offered in California and Texas, the MSO program consists of more than 48 hours of classroom instruction and addresses 38 operational, customer service, and management topics.

Surveillance. The Matrox Morphis, a product that captures video feeds from multiple sources, is now equipped with a JPEG2000 compression unit. Designed by Matrox Imaging for archiving video surveillance, the new system can process JPEG images in real time.

The new digital surveillance systems by Patapsco Designs, Inc, have been manufactured with the needs of smaller businesses in mind. Available in two and four-camera versions, the Digital Datacatch was designed for convenience stores. ATM sites, gas stations. and small retail establishments.

A portable PC-based x-ray system on display at the Scanna MSC Ltd, booth was designed to police and Customs specifications for explosives and contraband detection. The SCANTRAK can be used for in-situ scanning of unattended parcels, bags, or other suspicious items It can also be used to search behind cavity walls and vehicles.

The latest surveillance software by VistaScape Security Systems is targeted toward high-risk physical security needs. The Windows-based open architecture system was designed for airports, borders, harbors, industrial plums, and other high-asset installations.

The FaceReco Search software uses an image database and facial identification software to simultaneously recognize multiple faces in a group of people as they approach a monitored area. Manufactured by Omron "Transaction Systems, Inc., the system has numerous uses such as recognizing VIPs as they enter a hotel, identifying missing people or lost children, and monitoring an area for suspicious activity.

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