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A tragedy.

What a titanic tragedy! The nation at this critical time crucially needs statesmen, the people of great wisdom, vision and calibre to lead. What instead it has to its great misfortune are not even political dwarfs but only minnows of the smallest order, with no sagacity, resourcefulness or insight worth the name. What really supreme wisdom was it that led up to the Lahore holocaust, and that too at this point in time when our military has launched into a tough fight to liberate our homeland from the merchants of death and destruction?

Couldn't the ruling hierarchs put off their self-perpetuating political scheming and games for the time being? Or had they had to sow the seeds of divisions and disunities in any case and in any conditions to ward off some imaginative fears they have had imbibed on their own? What indeed was so big or great about Tahirul Qadri that the hierarchs from top down below the ladder were over these past few days all taken over conspicuously and volubly in running him down?

They were leaking to the media that he was being probed for money laundering. Even hauling him up on treason charges on his arrival in Pakistan was being bandied about feverishly. And not so surreptitiously it was even being surmised that his return had had a wink from the powers-that-be. What that means is not hard to understand. But who has mandated any imposter posing to be a political leader to play games with the lives and destiny of the people of this country?

This country is no real estate of any of the charlatans swaggering so pretentiously on the political stage? It is no personal property of any Nawaz, Shahbaz, Zardari, Imran, Fazlur, Shujaat or Achakzai. It is the property of 180 million people who inhabit it, who have all their stakes in it, and who smile when it in good shape and cry when it is in the throes of tribulations. It is they who own it, not those who have their treasures abroad but sit on their necks and pretend that they are doing it all only for their good.

But the patience of this surging sea of citizens has now run out. No stomach whatsoever has it now left with to put up any more with the shenanigans of these imposters parading themselves cunningly as their leaders. The Mian brothers may be in a dizzy dance, thinking they were enamouring themselves with the people with their gaudy projects like metro-buses. They are not. Indeed, were they to put their ears on the street, they will be horrified hearing what the voices are saying over there.

From end to end, the people are not crying just about the unbridled skyrocketing food prices and cost of living and ever-elusive jobs and fast-diminishing opportunities. They are raising voices that the plutocrats reigning over the people would tremble and shiver on hearing. It is not just the disgust with the self-styled people's leaders that is in an astronomical ascendancy. It is the hatred with the very system that has brought these pretender plutocrats up, which is in spiralling increase.

And all the Nawazs, Shahbazs, Zardaris, Imrans, Shujaats, Pervaizs, Fazlurs and the pretenders of their ilk must know that in a fast-mounting public scorn and disdain it is the plutocracy which they so very fraudulently paint as democracy. If they have even a modicum of wisdom, they now would understand what this public scorn means, what the public cry against the prevalent fraudulent system means, and what potential consequences all this carries. Nobody amongst the plutocrats must live in any delusions on this score.

Not even Mian Nawaz Sharif. He may be having an ego larger than life. But his ego can never be larger than Pakistan. And he is not Pakistan; it is the 180 million Pakistanis who are Pakistan. This country belongs to them. They love it and can bear no harm coming to it from an elongated ego, no matter how long and fat. No hanky-panky are they now prepared to brook with that intends making their beloved motherland a ring for vindictiveness and vendetta. Nawaz may be having his grouses. But surely this blessed land is not there for him to settle his vendettas and scores.

Leave alone those professional palmed-off detractors who have made disparaging of our military their evocation, for whatever temptations. But the mass of the people hold this military in the highest esteem for its tremendous sacrifices in the defence of their beloved motherland and in the defence of its inhabitants. And they all say to it, march on in your mission to weed out the terrorist and we all are with you whole-heartedly. They pray for its success and for the wellbeing of its brave soldiers who have put their own lives on the line so as their mothers, sisters and all the rest compatriots could live in peace and security.

Nawaz too can join them in. He has only to give a rein to his bloated ego and understand that Pakistan is not his game park for revenge and vendettas. And he must curb his globe-trotting, albeit at the expense of the hard-pressed taxpayer, and stay back home to help the military in returning this blessed land to peace, security and stability.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
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Date:Jun 20, 2014
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