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A touching moment.

A hard-wired, touch probing system lets sliding-head CNC lathe users measure turned and milled features of each component after machining, while it is still in the counter spindle and before ejection. The gauging arrangement, which employs a fixed probe mounted on the headstock, is suitable for use on fixed-head, barfed, twin-spindle turning machines, provided that the counter spindle is able to move in the X-axis as well as in Z to affect the measuring cycle. Insert wear on hard material can lead to parts drifting out of tolerance, requiring manual intervention to update tool offsets. The ability to inspect such components continually, avoiding subsequent handling, and to update offsets automatically, reduces manufacturing costs, increases output, improves accuracy and reduces scrap to virtually zero, according to the manufacturer. The system is based on the type 41.00 probe manufactured in Germany which specializes in touch probing and data transmission solutions. m&h UK, Chilwell, Nottingham, UK

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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:May 1, 2009
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