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A threat to peace.

THE thought that David Trimble, the Ulster Unionists' leader, might have sold out over the peace deal is laughable.

He has never swerved from his determination to keep Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom and he never will.

But Mr Trimble knows that the vast majority of people he represents are sick of the violence, bloodshed and terror.

They want peace. Not at any price, but a proper, negotiated peace.

Although his party executive has backed him, there are threats to his leadership. It has been suggested that the ambition of one of his own MPs, Jeffrey Donaldson, could challange Mr Trimble.

If he were beaten it would be a blow not just to the Ulster Unionists but to ALL the parties to the peace settlement - and, most of all, to the future of Northern Ireland.

Every party leader who was part of that historic deal must be supported. A blow struck at any one is a blow to all.

And probably a death blow to the hopes of a lasting peace.
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Title Annotation:Leader
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 13, 1998
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