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A temping alternative.

A sluggish economy, combined with rampant corporate downsizing, has opened the floodgates for massive employee layoffs. In turn, this trend has given rise to increased reliance on the burgeoning temporary, part-time and subcontracted work force. Estimates compiled by Office Specialists, a national temporary employment firm that tracks the industry, placed the number of average daily temporary help workers at approximately 1 million (or one out of every 108 nonagricultural segment employees) in 1990. The temporary work force has emerged as a viable bank from which to draw experienced manpower at less cost. Displaced workers have increasingly turned to temp and part-time work as an option to unemployment, while other laborers are voluntarily opting for the variety and flexibility provided by this industry.
TOTAL (20 years and over)
Number 4,325
(in thousands)
% employed 72.4%
% unemployed 14.0%
% not in labor 13.6%
WHITES Total Men Women
Number 3,778 2,311 1,467
(in thousands)
% employed 72.2% 74.8% 68.2%
% unemployed 13.8% 14.7% 12.2%
% not in labor 14.0% 10.5% 19.6%
BLACKS Total Men Women
Number 446 242 204
(in thousands)
% employed 72.1% 67.6% 77.4%
% unemployed 15.9% 20.4% 10.5%
% not in labor 12.0% 12.0% 12.1%
(*)Those who are neither working nor looking
for employment.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Division
of Labor Force Statistics, Washington, D.C., 1991.
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Title Annotation:temporary employment
Author:Baskerville, Dawn M.
Publication:Black Enterprise
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Date:Feb 1, 1992
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