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A taste of the old country.

BOREDOM with the bland taste of most English food led to Artur Kowalski and his wife Anna Radzikowska to open Archie's Polish supermarket in Radford Road, Coventry.

The couple came to England just over a year ago with their son Karol, now aged five, and a pupil at the city's Spon Gate Primary School.

Artur still feels his English needs some improvement, but that's no barrier for the "old country" customers who call in for Bigos - sauerkraut cabbage with meat and mushrooms - on their way home from work.

Anna, who used to be an English teacher in Poland, now works in an office and helps in the shop at night.

She says: "At first we lived in a bedsit but have now managed to rent a house. We come from the town of Szczecin, near the German border, and came to this country in search of better prospects for ourselves and our son.

"We opened the shop in July and so far things are going well because the word has got around among the Polish community.

"I remember my mother-inlaw posting us food parcels because we just could not get the sort of things we wanted to eat. For me English food does not have enough flavour."


HOME FLAVOUR... Artur, Anna and Karol in their supermarket in Radford Road, Coventry.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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