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A taste of his own medicine.

Like so many other newbie politicos, Stewart Levenson, the former VA doc and failed GOP hopeful in the 2nd CD race, had actually convinced himself he would win.

But, as with so many others before him, just having self-confidence isn't enough, as SL found out form the results on primary night.

Funny thing is he might have saved himself all the grief of running and losing if he had taken the time to do a quick poll of his former colleagues at the VA med center in Manch. Turns out few, if any, of them had a kind word to say about him the post-primary, with printable words like "arrogant" and others not-so-printable uttered upon word of SL's loss.

In fact, one of the reactions just about sums up the consensus: "It couldn't happen to a nicer guy."

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Title Annotation:FLOTSAM & JETSAM
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
Date:Sep 28, 2018
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