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A tale of two markets.

Fudge suppliers have had a good year. The growing popularity of traditional sweets has helped them boost take-home sales by 19.4% year-on-year to 10.2m [pounds sterling] [TNS 52w/e 10 August 08].

"Fudge is a massive product for us, it's a key line that has benefited from a surge in demand for traditional sweets," says Tangerine Confectionery group marketing manager Helen Seers. "Our offering is mainly own-label, but it's definitely an everyday product for many consumers in the multiples."

The market is split between a predominantly own-label offering from the multiples and smell independent suppliers that ere selling mainly through formers' markets end smell, high-end independents.


There's room for both, soy manufacturers. Premium suppliers argue that the best-quality fudge must be made in smell botches and consumed within weeks. The key is to keep things smell-scale, says Peter Tofalos, who runs the Uncle Peter's fudge business. "On the whole, business is excellent. Fudge is a good year-round product, though it does go off a little in summer," he says. "Batch size is crucial--I looked into buying fudge kettles, but that means you have to change your recipe. I find if I scale up end make a bigger botch, I get darker fudge. It's just not the some product."
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Date:Oct 4, 2008
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