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A sunny new kitchen joins a sunny breakfast room.

A sunny new kitchen joins a sunny breakfast room

Bring the kitchen out of hiding, give the house more natural light, find room for a breakfast area and laundry center: these were the tasks handed to San Francisco architect Heidi Richardson, of William Turnbull Associates, who mastered them in this handsome remodel.

Shut away from the rest of the house, the kitchen and adjacent areas formed a string of small, dark compartments--little rooms from a bygone era of formality and live-in servants. A substandard bedroom, only 8 feet wide, opened off a 5-foot-wide pantry. Projecting from the back of the house and visually cut off from the adjacent dining room, the kitchen faced an attractive--but only partially captured--view of trees and rooftops.

Richardson removed the clutch of interior walls to create two distinct rooms that flow together. She turned the smaller space--the old kitchen--into a light-filled breakfast room. Glass walls and ceiling form a grid of 24-inch squares, and, with a new tile floor, the room feels like an elegant garden pavilion.

The larger space became the new kitchen, organized around a 2 1/2- by 10 1/2-foot island running down the middle. With a sink, built-in dishwasher, and numerous cabinets, the tile-topped island helps to concentrate cleanup and dish-storage.

Above the new cooktop and counter, another grid of windows repeats the style of the breakfast room. A second sink, between cooktop and refrigerator, keeps food preparation activities in this area. By adding 2 feet to the north end of this room--a cantilever that holds the new cookto--and by extending the counter around the corner into the breakfast room, Richardson was able to join both spaces smoothly.

Matching other cabinets and extending along one wall, a 6-foot-high enclosure frames the refrigerator, oven, pantry, and--at the far end behind bifold doors-- a washer and dryer.

Photo: Long island puts dishwashing area in reach of generous cabinet space; phone and radio are at end

Photo: Before versus after: cramped warren of kitchen, pantry, bedroom, and bathroom (left) gave way to free-flowing space organized around island, with new access to dining room

Photo: Like a glassed-in tree house, breakfast room brings outdoor feeling indoors, adds light on foggy days

Photo: Glass grids link working and eating areas in opened-up kitchen
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Date:Feb 1, 1986
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