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A strong case to open Brady bags.

Byline: Edited by FIONA PARKER

Why was this sick individual even allowed to keep two locked briefcases in his cell? Ian Brady lost all of his rights when he and Myra Hindley carried out those atrocious crimes.

The briefcases should be opened immediately. They could hold vital clues as to where he buried Keith Bennett's body. His family need to know the truth. It seems crazy that there is even a suggestion of not opening the cases.

Brady played games with the authorities and the families right up until the end, and he's still playing games now he is dead. Shameful.

Gary Matthews, Stoke-on-Trent

If ever there was proof that the Human Rights Act needed reviewing, then we only need to look at evil Ian Brady and the way he has worked the system over the last 50 years. Who or what allowed this despicable cold-blooded murderer to dictate to the authorities? Meanwhile, relatives of Keith Bennett waited in vain, hoping Brady would disclose the whereabouts of their loved one's body before he died.

To hear at his inquest that they were satisfied he received the best medical care possible up to the time of his death just rubbed salt into the wounds of all those sick people lying on trolleys in hospital corridors waiting hours for their treatment.

Brady was nothing more than a twisted, evil psychopath.

Rot in hell, scum.

Len Goodwin, Doncaster Le

Ian Brady tormented his victims' families right up until the bitter end. He was pure evil. I don't think there is anything of any use in those briefcases, but I still think that even if there is a slight chance of there being any clues amongst his papers, then obviously the police need to look at them immediately.

Emma Jones Pontefract

Brady was a paranoid schizophrenic. He took the secret of what he did to that poor boy Keith Bennett to the grave.

I remember watching the news unfold about what Brady and Hindley did to those innocent children and it made my stomach churn.

Even now, after his death, Brady is tormenting Keith's family.

I can't believe that he was allowed to keep locked briefcases in his cell. Who in their right minds would let a madman keep something that could hold vital clues? It doesn't make any sense.

Brian Wilson, London

Why did these cases have to be locked? After all the terrible crimes Ian Brady committed, he should not have had the right to keep a locked briefcase.

Siobhan Kinkhead, Limerick, Ireland

So Ian Brady was not as insane as he was made out to be. Who has he left the briefcases to? Whoever it is should turn them over to the police to see if they can get any clues as to where he buried Keith Bennett.

I hope Brady is burning in hell for all eternity. He is evil personified.

Catherine Dodds via Facebook

Why was Ian Brady allowed to keep two locked briefcases? Even when I joined the prison service in 1977, all convicts were searched and all belongings were logged and bagged - and Brady moved prisons more than once.

Tonytall Rutts Isle of Wight


The late Moors murderer Ian Brady left behind two locked briefcases. He never revealed where the body of his victim Keith Bennett, 12, was buried. There are hopes that the cases might hold clues. You agree they should be opened


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 25, 2017
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