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A stress-free desktop.

Benjamin Franklin knew how hard it was to read a document that sits flat on a desk. Such a position requires the reader to hunch forward, straining the neck, the back and eventually the eyes. So, like the monks of old, Franklin fashioned a small inclined platform that sat atop the desk so that the reading material tilts forward, toward the reader, not the reader toward the material.

Ergo Desk has done the same with its product, a portable desktop made of hardwood--Oregon alder--that folds flat for storage. It comes in two sizes--large (25" by 14 1/2" and weighing 11 pounds) and medium (18" by 14 1/2" and weighing 9 pounds). It also comes in two designs--the Designer series and the Classic--and in three wood finishes--natural, walnut and rosewood.

Prices of the Designer series range from $169 (medium in natural finish) to $199 (large in rosewood or walnut). Prices of the Classic series range from $116 (medium in natural finish) to $142 (large in rosewood or walnut).

For more information, write to Ergo Desk Co., P.O. Box 626, North Plains, Oregon 97133, or call (800) 822-ERGO.
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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