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A story of courage: well-known Italian physicist Fulvio Frisone visits Bulgaria.

"You are my doom and my burden. Why did this had to happen to me?" were the words of the Lucia Frisone, mother of Fulvio Frisone--the renowned Italian nuclear physicist--when she heard of her son's grave affliction.

Frisone was born with cerebral palsy. He is now wheelchair-bound and totally dependent on other people. Thanks to his mother's stubbornness, however, summarised in her words that "whoever does not have legs, has brains", Frisone has triumphed against overwhelming odds.

The visit of Frisone and his mother to Sofia on April 22-24 astonished everybody, offering an example of outstanding courage. Especially as a man of science, his story offers hope to all those battling adversity.

During his visit, Frisone met Bulgaria's scientific community at the Institute for Nuclear Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. He presented his findings on low energy nuclear synthesis as a source for alternative energy, and the application of his medical theories on fighting cancer and genetic diseases.

Professor Yordan Stamenov, head of the Institute, described the meeting as "a living example to young Bulgarian physicists".

Lucia Frisone, also known as "Mother Courage", charmed the audience at Casa Sicilia (Sicily's representation in Sofia) with her heartfelt story of their experiences in what is often an environment of prejudice and mistrust.

As part of his visit, Fulvio Frisone held a meeting at the Italian Liceo in Gorna Banya with Sofia students of Italian.

At the meeting he told his audience of his love for physics-and of his decision to study it--but, mostly, he spoke of the importance of protecting the environment.


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Title Annotation:Italy and Bulgaria
Author:Pinello, Rosalia
Publication:The Sofia Echo (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Date:May 28, 2010
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