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A stock-picker's nightmare list.

Byline: The Register-Guard

How's your stock portfolio doing?

If you invested in January 1992 in the Nasdaq Composite Index, a tally of all stocks on the Nasdaq market, your investment would have grown 156 percent by now.

If you had opted for the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, another major-market indicator, it would have grown 121 percent by now.

How have the stocks of companies that sold shares directly to investors under the supervision of the Oregon Division of Finance and Corporate Securities fared? In a word: miserably.

Here's a summary (the list includes all companies based in Oregon or with their main business in Oregon, excluding banks):

Bridge City Tool Works, Portland. Maker of layout and drafting tools for woodworkers raised $1 million in 1995 offering. Company closed in June 2002, making stock worthless.

C.J. Pepper's Inc., Eugene. Fast-food restaurant raised $100,000 to $400,000 in 1995 offering. Company went bankrupt a year later; stock became worthless.

Caffe Diva Group Ltd., Eugene. Raised $987,000 in 1998 offering. Business was taken over by another firm; stock became worthless.

Coffee People Inc., Portland. Coffee retailer raised $861,552 in 1994 offering. Company stumbled, then was aquired in a deal that cost stock owners most of their investment.

Construction Associates Inc., Medford. Real estate development firm raised $150,000 in 1996 offering. Founder is selling assets, which is likely to make stock worthless.

Health Sense International Inc., Coos Bay. Health care products maker raised $350,000 in 1995 offering. Company closed in 2001; stock is worthless.

Hi-Tech Transport Electronics Inc., Eugene. Maker of on-board electronic scales for tractor-trailers raised $475,000 in 1996 offering. Firm still in business, but doesn't release financial details; stock price uncertain.

Little Apple Productions, Eugene. Theater company raised $11,200 in 1995 offering. Company folded in 2000; stock became worthless.

Moonstruck Confections Co., Portland. Raised $325,000 in 1993 offering. Company struggled, was acquired in 2001. Shareholders lost most or all of their investment.

Motorized Madness, Keizer. Raised $1,200 in 2001. Home-based venture remains in business. Stock price uncertain.

Portland Brewing, Portland. Maker of McTarnahan's Ale and other brews. Raised $6.8 million in offerings from 1985 to 1995. Still in business; stock has declined as much as 50 percent in value.

SakeOne Corp., formerly Japan America Beverage Co., Forest Grove. Sake brewery raised $2 million in offerings from 1994 to 1998. Still in business; stock trades at a fraction of its initial sale price.

Smash International Inc., Eugene. Restaurant raised $341,500 in 1999 offering. Venture still in business; stock price uncertain.

Teknifilm Labs Inc., Portland. Raised undetermined amount in 1994 offering. Company closed in 1998; stock became worthless.

Tree Free Ecopaper Inc., Portland. Imported paper from China made of hemp and straw. Raised $24,600 from Oregon investors.Went bankrupt; stock worthless. Inc. Union-owned printing firm in Vancouver, Wash., raised $775,000 in 2001 offering. Still in business; stock price uncertain.

Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc., Turner. Winery raised $5.76 million in offerings from 1989 to 1992. Company still in business; stock price has declined 78 percent from 1994.

Willamette Valley Inc./Microbreweries Across America, Portland. Holding company of Nor'Wester Brewery in Portland and other breweries in Washington, California, Colorado and New York. Raised more than $5 million in offerings in Oregon from 1993 to 1994, and millions more in offerings in other states. Company eventually failed, making stock worthless.
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