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A sticky ending; How to have fun with the kids and use up your leftovers by making cake pops.

Byline: Marie-Clare

How many times have you slid a beautiful cake from the oven, to end up with leftover sponge once you've got creative with your design? There are two options - you can throw the excess in the bin but no one wants to let that delicious, light sponge go to waste.

Or you can surreptitiously scoff the lot, bit by bit as you keep convincing yourself: "Just one last crumb." Ending up feeling guilty and bloated.

I wanted to find a way to reduce wastage and more importantly, stop me nibbling on the excess cake.

I decided Cake Pops were the perfect answer to this problem and also proved to be a fun and tasty way to spend a lovely afternoon with the kids - who never need much persuading to help out where sweet treats are involved.

For these particular Cake Pops I've used chocolate cake mixed with some chocolate butter cream to create a yummy cake truffle.

To finish giving the Cake Pops a more appealing look, I encased them in a dark chocolate shell then added some sprinkles to give a little extra pizzazz.

And of course, you'll need some lolly sticks - which you can buy in most cake supply shops these days.

So rather than force down that last slice of leftover cake, have some cheap and cheerful fun with the kids instead.

You can even sample one or two yourself.

LEFTOVER CAKE POPS INGREDIENTS Leftover cake Buttercream Lolly pop sticks Chocolate or candy melts Sprinkles


1 Run the leftover cake through your fingers to create a crumb texture then mix with a little buttercream until you can form cake ruffle balls around 1in in size.

2 Melt your chocolate, dip the end of your lolly stick into it then place in the cake ball. Leave to set for 10 mins in the freezer.

3 When they are frozen enough, spoon over the melted chocolate to cover the cake ball. I then leave the cake pops to set by putting the sick into a cake pop stand or foam block.

4Decorate with sprinkles and they're ready to eat.

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Date:Oct 1, 2017
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