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A startling memory feat that: you can do: "How I learned the secret in one evening. It has helped me every day.".

When my old friend Richard Faulkner invited me to a dinner party at his house, I little thought it would be the direct means of doubling my salary in less than two years. Yet it was, and here is the way it all came about.

Towards the end of the evening things began to drag a bit as they often do at parties. Finally someone suggested the old idea of having everyone do a 'party-piece'. Some sang, others forced weird sounds out of the piano, recited, told stories and SO on.

Then it came to Peter Brown's turn. He said he had a simple 'trick' which he hoped we would like. First he asked to be blindfolded. Then he asked someone to shuffle a deck of cards and call them out in order. Still blindfolded he instantly named the cards in their order backwards and forwards without making a single mistake.

On the way home that evening I asked Peter Brown how it was done. He said there was really nothing to it--simply a memory feat. Anyone could develop a good memory, he said, by following a few simple rules. And then he told me exactly how to I do it.

What Peter said I took to heart. In one evening I made remarkable strides towards improving my memory.

No longer do I suffer the frustration of meeting people I know and I not being able to recall their names. The moment I see someone I have met before a name leaps into my mind, together with a string of personal facts. Now I find it easy to recall everything I read. I can now master a subject in considerably less time than before. I rarely make a mistake.

What Peter told me that eventful evening was this: "Send for details of Dr. Bruno Furst's Memory Course." I did. That was my first step in learn- ing to do all the remarkable things I have told you about. In fact, I was so impressed that I got permission to publish Dr. Furst's Course myself.

My advice to you now is don't wait another minute. Full details of Dr. Furst's remarkable Course are print- ed in a free booklet entitled "Adventures in Memory". For your free copy, either phone 0800 298 7070 (free in UK), send an e-mail (address below) or post the coupon below.
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Title Annotation:Dr. Bruno Furst's Memory Course
Author:Heap, Rob
Publication:Financial Management (UK)
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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